Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vybz Kartel adult sex movie coming soon-here is what to expect


Vybz Kartel have another career in the  making as a porn star because mi ah hear say him have a full-length 60 minute movie wid a bag of woman, uptown, downtown girls, sketells, go-gos and bad man babymothers, you name it, the man have it pon film and ah
him ah the director.

Him film dem a tek sex inna dem mouth, a swallow and ah mek it spray all over dem face, the man have dem weak ah sort him out.

The man ah live a real celebrity life but him caan keep it to himself, and soon, the whole world ah go know, just gwaan check youporn.com, it soon show up.

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  1. yes mon di teach a duh some pozitive tingz teacha fi president

  2. kartel is that you

  3. pussy yuh did know mi did rate yuh