Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dancehall Artiste Ninja man say no sex for Jamaican prisoners.

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Dancehall Artiste Ninja man says no conjugal (no sex) visits for Jamaican prisoners. Ninja man who himself was once incarerated.

On Monday,the Jamaican National Security Minister Robert Montague has stated the new prison measure,"We must begin to humanize prisoners".

Ninja man also stated the reasons for his objection to conjugal visit (sex visits) in prisons. "Ninja Man pondered what  would happen if a woman got pregnant from conjugal visit".He further stated according to the star."How them a go deal with that? Find them something to do before you give them women and them get unwanted children. You cannot have a solution for a problem that's gonna cause another problem,"he said.

Oh boy, the once incarcerated made some valid points. What do think?share your thoughts in the comments sections.

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