Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tanya Stephens embarrass Hon. Portia Simpson Miller

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Writing on social media,  Tanya Stephens said that, "Hearing people lament Portia's departure is like seeing people congratulate my rapist for being a 'good man' ... she isn't a good person."

"Besides unqualified AND an embarrassing representation who wasn't even of average intelligence as per her public displays, she was also an awful apathetic human who perfected the art of pandering to the hypocrisy of Jamaicans. I'm happy to see her back. I'm not alone. Good riddance."
I expect better from Tanya Stephens. She is a woman also. I do not know why women love to tear down each other.
Hon. Portia might not be the best PM but she tried.
Education does not make some one smart. A lot of person have education is not smart and can't do their job.
Tanya Stephen I think your comments was too harsh and sound bitter. You could have use using milder or softer words to vent your frustration.

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