Friday, October 19, 2012

Konshens,disrespected Vegas about his babymother affair!!

Both artistes lashed out at each other on social media site Twitter over a recent interview, where Konshens allegedly said he did not believe that Mr Vegas was being sincere in his recent interviews about his ex-lover's infidelity.

After hearing the allegations made by Konshens, Vegas immediately took to Twitter to air his grouse.
In a series of tweets to Konshens, Vegas stated that he had continuously supported and defended Konshens' career.

Vegas tweeted, "I was just begging the same station u trying to destroy my credibility on, to play your record. Don't u have a daughter?! If this is a joke and a lie for u, u are a sick MF! What do u have to gain from this? ... What kinda hype can you get from this?! You think if a nigga violate ur daughter, it would be a joke for me?"

Vegas, whose lover of seven years was caught on camera in his home with another man, has been the centre of controversy following his rants against her on social media sites.
Konshens, whose career has been gaining momentum with the release of songs such as Bubble, Siddung and Stop Sign, did not hesitate in replying to Mr Vegas.
kill the nigga
According to Konshens, in his response to the tweets of Mr Vegas, artistes are too touchy about their careers.

"With all due respect, how credibility an song playing drop in? ITS A COMEDY SHOW relax man, if a real ting u will get past it. I think it's not real, if it is, I'm glad u didn't kill the nigga an a dat mi say - as artiste, we too touchy for the career WE CHOSE dats why unnu always kick off every second ... RELAX an drop some more hits," Konshens tweeted.

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