Monday, January 25, 2016

Gully Bop Kisses His new girlfriend Pictures (X-rated)

Gully Bop get over Shuana Chin quick. It  seems Gully Bop never really love Shuana Chin.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mavado shows his 500 million Mansion photos

Dancehall artiste Mavado is living to the expectation of his song, Not in my League.

Mavado in a recent IG post showed off his Master Bedroom at his $500 Million Mansion located in the hills of Jamaica..

Monday, January 18, 2016

Devin Di Datka Beaten with Belt by Corey Todd At Taboo Night Club.

The dancehall community is buzzing over news that the 2015 Magnum Kings and Queens winner, Devin Di Dakta, was beaten with a belt in the parking lot of popular nightclub, Taboo, after he was forcibly removed from the club by security personnel.

A source close to the management of the club said that Devin Di Dakta allegedly harassed a dancer, and had to be removed from the club after a complaint was made.

“We got a complaint that he got a little rough with one of the dancers, and grabbed at her private parts. She complained so he was asked to exit the club. While he was exiting, he told Corey Todd (about his mother), and he took a swing at Corey, after which Corey grabbed him, took out Devin Di Dakta’s belt and started to whale him with it like he was a little boy,” the source said.

“Devin’s entourage did nothing and none of the club’s security personnel got involved. After the incident, they got into a car and left. We don’t tolerate certain kinds of behaviour in the club.”

The source said that the dancer, who was reportedly traumatised by the alleged sexual attack, will be making a report to the police.

However, sources close to Devin Di Dakta say that the attack was unprovoked, and stemmed from a diss song he did about Todd, and that “20 security people beat up the artiste”. It is not clear if the artiste has reported the incident to the police.

Devin Di Dakta is known for songs such as Gaza Prayer and Run Mi Down.

News Credit: Loop Jamaica

Pictures Usain Bolt’s Ex-girl LAVA post hot sexy photos

Pictures: Usain Bolt’s Ex-girlfriend — “LAVA” post sexy photos

A few years ago Taneisha “Lava” Simpson was allegedly dating the world fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. In 2010, Lava was among several women who were coming forward and claiming that she and the track star were an item. This turned out to be true.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Usain Bolt Earned A Whopping JM$2.5 Billion Last Year

fastest man in the history of track and field and now he could also be the richest in the sports history.
The Jamaican sprint icon made a whopping US$21 million in 2015 which equates to roughly JM$2.5 billion. 

Usain Bolt will married soon

Usain Bolt has admitted that he is off the market and is in a steady relationship with a Jamaican woman.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Usain Bolt new Girlfriend from Old Harbour

World record holder Usain Bolt has opened up about who he is dating to Ian Boyne on TVJ’s Profile. She is from Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jah Cure and Wife Kamila Back Together

Jah Cure and his wife Kamila Mcdonald appear to be back together after rumors swirl last year that Kamila filed for divorce from the reggae crooner.

After spending time together on Saturday night in Montego Bay, the couple was photographed in a car together.

“The Cure and his wife were spotted at an ital restaurant and lounge in Montego Bay. They entered the same car after exiting the venue,” a source close to the couple said.

News source:18 karat Reggae

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Shauna Chin Lands Music Deal With U.S.A Company

Just days after her messy breakup with ex-fiance Dancehall entertainer Gully Bop, Shauna Chin says she’s now moving forward with her music, and says she just landed a three year deal with an overseas company, called ‘Diamonds Music Empire’.

Chin has recorded her first single under the new label, a song called, “My Life,” which she says was inspired by the criticisms she’s been dealing with, ever since she was involved with Gully Bop.


LA Lewis disses Gully Bop and Defends Shauna Chin

LA LEWIS IS COMEDIAN one minute he is on Gully Bop side and the next minute he is on Shuana Chin side.

This week LA Lewis has now jumped ship and is siding with Shauna Chin; Stating that Gully Bop is a woman beater. Lewis also announced that he has been working on a new song with Shauna Chin entitled “Padlock Him” making  reference to Chin and the incident of her hitting Bop in the head with a Padlock.

Since the announcement of the Padlock song, LA Lewisis claiming that men from Gully Bop‘s camp have been sending death threats and that he should cease and desist from “Calling Gully Bop name” and collaboration with Chin. Lewis has now released a video stating that he is still a “badman” and not because he has done a collaboration with international superstar Adele(spliced) and is on the verge of a Grammy, he can still defend himself and still has his guns.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gully Bop Says Chin Was Bisexual & One Teeth Cant Bite + More

Gully Bop is now saying Shuana Chin was a bisexual. Why is Gully Bop being ungrateful to Shuana Chin and she him to reach where him is in life. Chin also sorry for him and give him pum pum whey him never a get in the Gully.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gully Bop says Shauna Chin hit him in head with a padlock

I thought they were a perfect couple although Gully Bop was older and don't have much teeth.

The drama started according to Gully Bop that Chin is cheating in the relationship. Gully Bop stated he saw a man his house who he don't know with Shauna Chin.

Gully Bop stated that is the reason why him Chin started to fight and Chin hit him with a good size pad lock that burst his head.

Gully Bop-Shauna Chin says he is a coke head

Gully Bop common law Shauna Chin wife says gully bop is a Coke Head on a video.

Gully Bop you must stop take the coke and continue to make good music.