Sunday, February 28, 2010

Follow di arrow recap - kartel run again, killa flush gaza

Killa best performance inna while and him took the show, gwaan bad, the crowd a say the entire gaza dead, the man call up kartel who did a hide backstage with a bag a man, killa say any stage show him go him a call out kartel till him get a clash, mavado fcuk it up, starlight, gyal over gun, the man dem boo lisa hype who try diss killa, kick lisa hype get kick inna her batty and run her off stage , crowd walk out pon kartel, the man a try a peace treaty but killa nuh inna it, merciless is a fcuking clown, sizzla shell it down, madd anju gwaan, mavado deal with it wicked, the song with him and stacious biggest forward for the night, macka diamond got booo, queen paula got boo, kartel hide with police, the wau how killa deal with gaza I think its a shame to say gaza right now, poor kartel, nobody nuh left a gaza , the crowd walk out after alliance performance , mavado and stacious tune biggest forward, lisa hype go see a doctor, me know you cannot sit down for weeks now with the timbaland kick up you get, alliance ago hard no partiality, no singing singing singing, a flinging finging flinging, kartel lucky say the police dem nuff inna di crowd because di man dem load up a guiness bottle

How long kartel can hide, killa embarass the man a talk all type a shit, the man tell mavado to leave it to him fi deal with the gaza , this nah end fi now with killer and kartel, the way how killer did a work if kartel step on stage him dead, alliance a roll deeper than ever, warning issue out !!!! Anybody from gaza diss gulliance a get beaten straight, lisa a di first example, me nuh rate the kick inna batty she get still but she can't diss the general and get way, nuffy a hide her when the bottles dem a fling and the boo dem. Country ppl dem funny to walk out pon addi like that , the man can't hide too long, the crowd when dem see police a surround the stage fi kartel so killer couldn't come out, kartel you can't hide too long

After 4:30am, you miss it, alliance a roll with bout 200ppl, rhino a coward, mavado say starligh and worst di remix a play with drake inna di alliance van when dem a left and di crowd a rail up, me still feel bad for lisa hype, killa deh pon a real war thing, some man who did a roll with alliane a say shawn storm a di next one who ago get kick inna batty fi diss the general, kartel a roll with police, this ago get more than music, the man dem say 2010 order, any gaza man say any alliance name a beating, bwoy lisa hype was still determing to work after all dem shit, she just make one mistake, alliance to the world.

February Was For Ce’Cile

Wednesday, February 24th was popular female dancehall/reggae artiste Ce’Cile’s birthday, and she celebrated in fine style at the Fiction night club in Kingston with many friends including the Big Yard Crew, stylist Dexter Pottinger, photographer Marvin Bartley, BFF Shana, Spice, Tifa, Timberlee, Elektra, Milk, Craig (from Voicemail), amongst others.
In chart news, her ladies Anthem “Nah Stress Over Man” on Big Yard’s Street Bullies riddim moves up to # 3 on BBC’s 1xtra top ten charts, and on the song continues to make waves in other places including Jamaica and Cayman. Her song “Anything”, on Don Corleone’s Feminine riddim continues to enter various charts around the region and Jamaica.
Look out for more new music soon from Ce’Cile – songs produced by Big Yard, Don Corleon, Demarco, Nicky B and Christopher Birch. Additionally, Ce’Cile heads back on the road at the end of March, where she will play the Original Festival (flyer below) in France – alongside Mos Def and Warren G. She will also make other stops in France (details to be announced).


Rastafarian Reggae artist, Buju Banton, will have a March 4 hearing in Tampa, Florida, where he is being held on cocaine related charges.
Reports are that this will be a significant milestone in what his lawyers are labeling a case of “entrapment” against the Grammy nominated deejay.

Tracii McGregor, who represents Banton’s Gargamel Music is quoted as saying that there’ll be a hearing on all of the motions that were filed by Buju’s attorney “a lot of information should be revealed on March 4”.
Legal luminary in the case, David Oscar Markus, has reportedly filed several motions, all of which shouldbe heard on Thursday.
Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, was arrested at his Tamarac home in South Florida in December last year, after Federal Agents accused him of negotiating with undercover agents to purchase five or more kilograms of cocaine at Sarasota in Tampa, Florida.

Banton’s legal team says their client is a victim of entrapment and intends to prove to that the US Government had used a paid informant to inveigle him for almost a year.

Markus also intends to get the prosecutors to reveal the name of the paid informant and how much he was paid to trap the artiste.

Reggae artistes blacklisted-Music albums ban in some countries

GERMANY, Europe's largest economy, has blacklisted 11 dancehall albums between 2008 and January 2010 this year because of their homophobic and violent content.
Albums by Sizzla, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Capleton, TOK and Baby Cham are on this list, or "index", compiled by the German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien in German.
Stakeholders counter that up to 35 dancehall albums or songs had been blacklisted since the BPjM's conception including Legalise It by reggae icon Peter Tosh, which was later removed.
The BPjM told the Sunday Observer that it is illegal to advertise these albums or to sell them to minors in Germany, with additional restrictions placed on their sale and distribution. "Breach of ...[the] indexing is punishable by a fine or imprisonment," stated Corinna Bochmann, BPjM spokesperson, in response to Sunday Observer queries.
Ten of the 11 albums were not only considered "harmful to young people" but also contained violent lyrics, according to the BPjM, with lyrics that incite hatred and propagate to kill homosexuals. The BPjM indexed these albums following complaints by certain groups such as the German gay lobby. "The BPjM can only act on the request of other administrative institutions, not by itself. Once an official request has been filed, the BPjM is obliged to act," stated Bochmann.
Ellen Köhlings, editor of German reggae magazine Riddim told the Sunday Observer that dancehall is ironically filliping the gay lobby's agenda. "These lyrics violate German laws which gives the lobbyists legal grounds to successfully censor music and gain media exposure," Köhlings said.
"The gay lobby is looking for cheap forwards just like some artistes look for a cheap forward," she stated.
Köhlings added that artistes could compromise by maintaining their anti-gay stance but avoid the use of violence. "At the end of the day there are much more urgent things to talk about than homophobia, and artistes should leave out, in my mind, the violent bashing of gays."
Riddim magazine has at times assumed the role of dancehall mediator, as the industry has no lobby in Germany: "We have been doing everything we can to restore the image of Jamaica, but we can do only so much. In the long run Jamaica needs to take action," Köhlings noted.
Violent anti-gay lyrics have been a feature of dancehall music for over 15 years with the Buju Banton classic Boom Bye Bye credited as its progenitor. The international gay lobby, in response, has petitioned the German government to ban shows and the sale of records by these artistes. Last year, Banton and Beenie Man were yanked from shows due to the lobby in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Local gay organisation J-Flag told the Sunday Observer that Jamaican deejays are not being unfairly attacked by the international gay community.
"Their music promotes violence, hate and hardship for members of a community that at no time has threatened or hurt them in any way. This is an unwarranted and unprovoked assault on a set of people who have a right to exist," stated Jason McFarlane, J-Flag programmes manager. He added that dancehall artistes who continue to perform "hate-filled music" must be held accountable. "The influence of music on any society must not be under-estimated. What must be understood is that artistes have a right to express what they feel but also must be held responsible for the possible impact they can have on people. Music, in particular Reggae and Dancehall, is universal and so we must be aware of the wide reach of the possible influence of any one artiste."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Television personality host kiki was a drug mule.


Kerie-Ann 'Kiki' Lewis-Thombs is known across the media landscape as a radio and television host.
Lately however, Lewis has taken on a new cap working as a self-appointed anti-drug trafficking advocate.
'Kiki' also shares her very own experience in a tell-all documentary in which she highlights a gruelling tale of being locked up abroad on drug- trafficking charges.
The documentary, which is scheduled to be aired on TVJ tonight at 9:30, is part of her strategy to call attention to the consequences which may result from participating in the dangerous trade.
Produced by Advanced Media Productions (AMP) 'Our very own: Locked up abroad' goes in depth with drug trafficking in Jamaica and portrays Kiki as a misguided 18-year-old who made a regrettable mistake.
her experience
Thirty-year-old Lewis-Thombs spent the last 12 years reinventing herself, working beyond her mistake and striving to use her experience to dissuade other people from engaging in the trade.
In an impassioned appeal she states: "I have always wanted to tell my story. AMP has provided the perfect platform to get the point across about things that I have had to endure having been incarcerated. I know of others who have gone through the same thing and have not been able to bounce back, but I am here to let them know they can, and to dissuade others from engaging in drug trafficking because of the consequences involved."
In supporting Kiki's move to share her story, Joan Wright, Lewis' manager, said: "There is a point in everyone's life when they feel the need to truly be at peace with themselves and this is what Kiki's revelation will do for her."
Host for the documentary, Julius J. Levy, also reiterates the importance of having Kiki's story documented as an educational and awareness tool.
'There is a point in everyone's life when they feel the need to truly be at peace with themselves and this is what Kiki's revelation will do for her.'

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Kartel says ... Black 'Ryno is confused'

Blak Ryno

Portmore Empire head Vybz Kartel has described his former protégé, Blak Ryno, as a confused individual after his recent departure from the crew.

Speaking yesterday, Kartel discussed his reaction to Ryno's abrupt departure from the Portmore Empire on Wednesday, of which he has been a member since January 2007.

priorities mixed

Kartel said: "Ryno is, in my analysis, a confused individual going through some sort of post-adolescence trauma, where in his pursuit to find himself is getting his priorities mixed up and as a result, is making decisions in a subconscious, bewildered state of mind."

The deejay further said that: "Portmore Empire and Gaza will continue to grow from strength to strength merely because I am Gaza."

According to Kartel, persons can look out for his newest member Gaza Slim and his protégé Popcaan.

The Portmore Empire started in 2007 after Kartel's departure from the Alliance in 2006. The Empire have consisted of members such as Popcaan, Singa Blinga, Dosa Medicine, Lisa Hype, Shawn Storm, Gaza Indu, Sheba, Jah Vinci among others.

Blak Ryno was an original member of the Portmore Empire and was seemingly one of the closest to Kartel, often citing him as a major influence and called him 'daddy' on numerous occasions.

Ryno is the third deejay to have departed the Empire recently, the first being Lisa Hype, now called Lisa Hyper. Hyper was dismissed from the Empire late last year shortly after a compromising picture of the deejay began circulating on the Internet.

In January newcomer to the Empire, Gaza Kim - now known as Kym, willingly left the Empire after an incident which took place in the 'Big Yard' community off Mannings Hill Road. Kym was severely beaten on what sources say were orders by Kartel. Kartel later denied any involvement. Source star.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Talk up Di Tings Dem by Ms.Wid Kimisha

Yea big up mi baby father , Jigga, ah me say yuh , and you say me, so way dem feel like? How some gal say dem man love them  and Valentine`s Day gone and dem nuh get no text, no phone call, not even a letter. Nothing. No man nuh wan dem , dem ah crosses and dem ting ah backfire like leyland some old leyland truck. Some gal need alum around here because dem tings miserable like dem life. Ah me Kimisha say so and mi nah tek back mi chat.

How milk ah ago so hard? Mi turn on mi radio last week Friday and hear har pon Fame ah talk up di tings dem,  Milk, Maffi tun yuh in a big star now,  and yuh selector and radio friend nuh stop beat up the song pon the air, all yuh need is a video now. Yuh can use money yuh mek offa yuh parties and shows dem fi funnel back inna yuh career.Dem caan stop yuh , yuh ting sort out.

Boy, LA Lewis, reaction ah tek yuh. Mr. G embarrass yuh outta Settlement and kill yuh little career and then the police dem tek whey yuh vehicle because yuh nuh have no registration and insurance. LA, all the bad tings and lie dem weh yuh talk up over the years ah ketch up wid yuh and the people fatigue ah yuh right now and a pree yuh hard. Change yuh life , repent and find Jesus or you days will be dark on the Earth Kimisha say so

How the war ah get so deep between Macka and Ikaya? Ikaya say Macka nuh stop  campaign pon har name from  wha day yah, pon TV and inna paper and all over. She upset say she ah call har no name artiste yet she say Macka did borrow har melody fi one of her songs dem wah day ya, so how she a no name? Mi feel say Macka just vex say Unicorn ah try draw har out and she say she ago dun him over Follow Di Arrow, but mi hear say Unicorn ah write up some dutty songs Ikaya fi expose the whole a Macka Business.

If Miss Kitty  is a top  freak or what ? Mi go pon Twitter last week  and read weh she write say she ah head to country and see two cows having oral sex. What a ting!

Which old time dancehall song ZJ liquid did a play  wid bad word inna it and get suspended from ZIP?

A  which DJ get ketch  a mek girl a pee inna him mouth ? What a piece a nastiness.
A Dat we  a gwaan wid a Jamdown now?

How mi never see Macka Diamond over Black Queen Cum Get Weh Party every Friday , and mi know say dem a friend long time? Wah happen to the Galliance. 

Why Susan switch from CVM TV?  Ah CVM buss har and she gone already.

Which man ah pay a next man fi sex him wife because him ting dead pon him? Him no hear ` bout Viagra? or ah just so him like it? How Jamaica get so freaky? 

Ah true say dem a go have a BIG, FAT ORGY inna June over some hotel inna Negril? Wah yuh say, fluffiness to the werlll!!! 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Ryno's house shot up

The Waterford police in St Catherine are still awaiting a formal report after the house of entertainer Blak Ryno's father was shot up yesterday.
It was revealed that about 1:30 p.m. gunmen walked up to the house which is located on Cascade Road. They brandished guns and fired on the house, no one was at home when the incident occurred.
"The police awaits a report on the matter to start a formal investigation in the matter," an investigator told 
angered by the incident
Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, on Thursday came out publicly with the announcement that he was leaving the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire. Ryno had been a member of the Empire since 2007.
The deejay had contacted THE WEEKEND STAR to state that he was no longer in the crew.
Following yesterday's shooting incident, Kartel was quoted in a release from his publicist, Raine Martin, as saying that he was angered by the incident.
"I condemn today's (Thursday) shooting in Waterford, and I condemn any attack made on Blak Ryno," Kartel is quoted as saying. "Regardless of what transpires between the Portmore Empire and Blak Ryno, whether or not he is a part of the Empire, I will not tolerate any acts of violence against him. Anybody who does anything to Ryno has to answer to me."
- Rasbert Turner

Black-er comes to Macka's defence

Deejay Black-er is defending his friend, Macka Diamond, after Unicorn had disparaging things to say about the money goddess earlier this week.
As Macka Diamond and Unicorn plan to settle their disagreement at Follow Di Arrow tomorrow at James Bond Beach, Black-er has spoken out about comments made by Unicorn about Macka Diamond.
In Wednesday's STAR Unicorn called Macka 'ungrateful' saying: "So much people in the business try to help her and she turn roun' and backstab dem: Black-er, KipRich, some odda yute who used to write fi her ñ n Lady aw... o sh can com ah Follow Di Arrow com dad lik sparrow."
owr lackr, who collaboratd with Macka for th 2006 hit song Bun Him, told reporter that he and Macka are fine. He said: "Why him a try mash up me and Macka friendship? Him a damage it like she do me anything. Me and Macka were never bad. Macka is a good girl, she's been good to me. As far as I know Macka and KipRich never had any problems either."
wrong way
According to Black-er, Unicorn is an artiste/writer that he rates and believes the deejay went about the situation wrong. Macka Diamond and Unicorn last year collaborated on the popular song Think 'Bout Mi. According to Unicorn, he was getting far less money for the song than he should have got from Macka.
Black-er said: "Him shoulda wait till the song buss, when it pass Portmore toll and possibly go ova the seas, but him mek the hype get inna him head. To me the song coulda been a big song but Unicorn did need to give it time to manifest."
Now Unicorn and Macka are set to face off at Follow Di Arrow, but Black-er believes that may not be the right decision for Unicorn. He said: "firs' ting, if a me like Unicorn no man nuh suppose to clash wid a woman, nutten like that has been done and mi nuh tink di Jamaican people a guh like dat. Him fi tek advise and low dat, mek people know you and build your fan base."
In the meantime, Black-er says he has been busy in studio and fans can expect new material from him by next month. By May, Black-er says, fans can expect a new collaboration with Macka titled Sticky Situation.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Monday night, Olympian Shelly-Ann Fraser organised an All-Stars Track Dinner as a fund-raiser for the Haiti Relief Fund, through a raffle. Lucky winners of the raffle got their dream date with the athletes.

On Monday night, Olympian Shelly-Ann Fraser organised an All-Stars Track Dinner as a fund-raiser for the Haiti Relief Fund, through a raffle. Lucky winners of the raffle got their dream date with the athletes. The dinner took place at Acropolis Restaurant, one of the sponsors, in collaboration with United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Mercedes-Benz.

World and Olympic 400m silver medallist Shericka Williams and her date, Dane Robinson, sure look cosy!


Former world 100m record holder Asafa Powell gives his date Tyana Powell a long-stemmed red rose.

 World and Olympic 400m hurdles champion, Melaine Walker, and her date, Clinton Ferguson, at Monday night's All-Stars Track Dinner.

Brigitte Foster-Hylton, the world 100m hurdles champion, poses with her date, Barrington Gouldbourne. - Photos by Anthony Foster.

 Kaleise Spencer, the 2006 World Junior 400m hurdles cham-pion, and her date, Francis Llewellyn, match colours at the dinner.

IKaya declares a lyrical war for Magnum Follow Di Arrow

This Saturday`s staging of Magnum Follow Di Arrow set to take place at the James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, St. Mary is shaping up to be an all-out lyrical war between females Deejays.
The Latest song to hit the streets in anticipation of the onstage battle comes from upcoming artiste Ikaya, who has release Kill Di Whole A Dem.

The hardcore, totally raw track takes aim at deejays Macka Diamond and Lisa Hyper, and the artiste makes her intention clear as the stress that " gwaan kill off di whole a dem "

I have something to prove at Follow the Arrow and I will be coming to do just that ," Ikaya said about her upcoming performance.
" As long as everyone knows it`s  just a lyrical clash, nothing personal. I have nothing against the artistes in question....I just want to prove that I can take on the best  and come out victorious," Ikaya pointed out.

Follow Di Arrow will   also see performance coming from artistes such as Vybz Kartel, Queen Paula, Sophia Squire, Mavado, Vegas, Stacious, Pamputae, Twin of  twins, Lisa Hyper, Macka Diamond, Assassin, Face, Tiki, Anthony B among others.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl get`s bitter Valentine`s day present when she return home to see her popular Jamaica DJ engaging in freaky act at her house.

At least one girl got a Valentine shocker last  week when she came home unexpectedly to her to her apartment in upper St.Andrew to find her boyfriend a popular DJ indulging in a freaky sexual act. According to the girl, she walked in to find her boyfriend of two months performing perverted acts with a known erotic dancer from the corporate area. The female gave this reporter the drama after she said the DJ had dissed her and threatened her after they had an argument. She said she is still reeling from the shock of what she witnessed. She said she had told him she was going to St. Ann for a few days to look for her mother and would be returning for them to have a romantic Valentines Day. However, she decided to surprise him by returning home eartlier than expected and surprise him she did! "Mi put di key in di lock an open it an hear some sounds a come from the bedroom so mi tek time go look. Mi couldn't beleive it. The DJ bwoy lay dung pon di bed and di girl stan over him an her pum pum inna him mouth". She said she was so disgusted by the sight she became nauseated. "Dem a do golden shower inna me bed!", she exclaimed. Golden shower is a slang term used to describe the act of urinating on another person usually for sexual gratification or as a way of humiliation which is evidently  a popular practice in the Western world. "Mi shock. Mi caan believe all now a dat really happpen. mi neva expect dem ting deh from him. Mi lose affi him", she said. Asked what happened next she said, "Mi bus in an him jump up frighten. Mi couldn't react the way mi shock. Him grab up him tings an di girl leave". She said after coming to her senses and taking a drink of water she went back to the bedroom to the reality. "Suppose yuh si mi sheet and smell mi bed how it renk!", she exclaimed.She said after stripping it down and throwing away the bed linen the smell was still there so she eventually had to get rid of the mattress and buy a new one

She said he called two days later asking for forgiveness and begging her not to tell anyone, so she asked him for some money to pay for a college course she wanted to start later this year.

" Can you believe say the dj bwoy ah try style mi? Him ah say  mi a try blackmail him and him no deh pon that, him woulda rather meck him friends dem kick me up fe keep quiet than gimme a dollar. This dutty freaky Dl bwoy need fe know himself," she blasted.

The DJ in question was called by this reporter to comment on the issue.
He hung up when asked about the incident and subsequent calls kept going to the voice mail.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jamaican Jokes Updated

The Rasta Man

There was a Rasta man sunbathing nude on the beach in Hellshire.
He saw a little girl coming toward him, so he covered himself with
the newspaper he was reading.

The girl came up to him and asked, "A Wha yuh 'ave undah
de newspaper?"

Thinking quickly, the Rasta replied, "A bird."

The girl walked away, and the Rastaman fell asleep.
When he woke up, he was in Spanish Town Hospital in tremendous pain.
The police asked him what happened.

The Rasta says, "Mi nuh kno. I mon was lying on de beach,den dis likkle
gal asked me a question, ....guess I mon mussah doze off an
next ting I man know is I mon deh ya."

The police went to the beach, found the little girl, and asked her
"What did you do to that naked Rasta?"

After a pause, the girl replied, " me neva do nutten to him? Nutten
at all".
Mi did a play wid him bird an it spit pon me. So, mi bruk di neck,crack
di two egg dem, and set de nest pon fire!"

Wife From Hell

A police officer pulls over a speeding car. The officer says, ' I
> clocked you at 80 miles per hour, sir.'
> The driver says, 'Gee, officer I had it on cruise control at 60,
> perhaps your radar gun needs calibrating.'
> Not looking up from her knitting the wife says: 'Now don't be silly
> dear, you know that this car doesn't have cruise control.'
> As the officer writes out the ticket, the driver looks over at his
> wife and growls, 'Can't you please keep your mouth shut for once?'
> The wife smiles demurely and says, 'You should be thankful your radar
> detector went off when it did.'
> As the officer makes out a second ticket for the illegal radar
> detector unit fitted in the car he had just pulled over, the man glowers
> at his wife and says through clenched teeth, 'Damit, woman, can't you
> keep your mouth shut?'
> The officer frowns and says, 'And I notice that you're not wearing
> your seat belt, sir. That's an automatic $75 fine.'
> The driver says, 'Yeah, well, you see officer, I had it on, but took
> it off when you pulled me over so that I could get my license out of my
> back pocket.'
> The wife says, 'Now, dear, you know very well that you didn't have
> your seat belt on. You never wear your seat belt when you're driving.'
> And as the police officer is writing out the third ticket the driver
> turns to his wife and barks, 'WHY DON'T YOU PLEASE SHUT UP??'
> The officer looks over at the woman and asks, 'Does your husband
> always talk to you this way, Ma'am?'
> I love this part........... :
> 'Only when he's been drinking.'

Rastaman Visit

A Rastaman went to visit an old family friend. Rastaman knock pon di door
and smaddy inside seh: " A who dat?"
Rastaman----- " I and I, Jah Rastafari, King of Kings, Lord of Lord,
Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Son of Haile Selassie I". The person
inside replied: "A me one dey yah, an mi nah open de door fi so much ah oonu".


The Three Jamaican sons.

 Three Jamaican sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give to their elderly mother:

The first son said, "Mi bill a big house wid land an gi mama."

The second son said, "Mi sen har a cris Benz wid a driver"

The third smiled and said, "Mi beat di 2 a unnu. Yuh memba how Mama use to love fi read har Bible? An yuh know seh she cyaan see too good. Mi sen har a Church parrot dat recite di entire Bible. It tek di elders inna di church 15 years fi teach im. Im exclusive man. Mama jus ha-fi name di chapter an di verse, an di parrot wi recite it."

Soon thereafter, Mother sent out her letters of thanks:

"Milton," she wrote one son, "A weh duh yuh bwoy, a chupid yuh chupid suh. Di house yuh bill too big. A mi one live inna one room, but mi always ha fi a clean di whole house."

"Winston," she wrote to another, "Yuh a eediat, yuh dun know mi too old fi travel. Mi always inna di yard, suh mi nuh use di Mercedes an di driver im too dyam facey!"

"Dearest Delroy," she wrote to her third son, "you have the good sense fi know what your mother likes. The chicken was delicious."

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Usain Bolt Dating Taneish ‘Lava’ Simpson From Popular VH1 Reality Show, For The Love of Ray J!

One of the stars of the popular VH1 reality show, For The Love of Ray J, yesterday announced on television that she and Jamaican Olympic star, Usain Bolt, are a couple.

The woman, Taneish Simpson, was a cast member of the dating show’s second season, but was eliminated on episode three. The show is centred around actor and singer Ray J’s search for love and features him living in a house with a group of women who vie for his attention and ultimately his heart. Ray J is the brother of singer Brandy.
Simpson, 24, was named Lava on the show and is originally from Portland, but now lives in Florida. Various Internet sources list her occupations as a model and make-up artist.
The Contact?
On the show’s reunion special which aired on the United States music channel, VH1, yesterday at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., Simpson claimed she was now over Ray J and had moved on with her life.
She said Bolt ‘googled’ her and made contact. She said, “We made it official on New Year’s. I actually spent New Year’s in Jamaica because he requested that I come down so we could spend New Year’s together.”
Lava’s exit from the reality show was controversial as she was eliminated because Ray J felt she was too demanding and controlling.
When contacted, a publicist for the sprinter and world-record holder said she would not talk about the runner’s private life.

Must Buy For 2012 London Olympic Games

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad Gyal Ce'Cile Nah Stress

Confident, independent girl Ce'Cile is 'preeing the present' and proclaiming to all and sundry that 'ova no man (she) nah siddung and fret, cause a million more a tek set.'
This is the chorus from her latest single, which has been floating through the airwaves with amazing regularity.
Balancing her swagger on this catchy tune, appropriately entitled, Nah Stress, Ce'Cile looks to score with this energetic girls' anthem.
Produced by Big Yard on the Street Bullies rhythm, Nah Stress is a real walk-out song - "relationship done, you know a me lef" - one that the females can readily identify with and have been requesting both in the dancehall and on radio.
"It's a song of empowerment for the ladies," Ce'Cile says with her ever-confident smile. "The message is that there is too much to live for to allow a failed relationship to make a woman sit down and get depressed. Of course, a healthy relationship is important but if it's not working, then it's move up time," she said.
Ce'Cile, who recently took home the Excellence in Music and Entertainment award (EME) for Best Dressed Female, is known for her consistency, whether as her Bad Gyal alter ego, or as Ce'Cile.
She has swaggered off to a running start for 2010, and in addition to Nah Stress, she has been rocking the airwaves with the Don Corleone-produced single, Anything, on the Feminine rhythm

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Magnum Follow Di Arrow-February 27, 2010 The annual Magnum Follow Di Arrow show is set to happen on Saturday, February 27, at the James Bond Beach in St. Mary. This Alliance Crew-affiliated show is said to be all about unity, and with this in mind, it will feature leading dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel. Also on the line up – Mavado, Bounty Killer, Merciless, Kiprich, Sizzla Kalonji, Mr. Vegas, Stacious, Pamputtae, Twin of Twins, Lisa Hyper, Macka Diamond, Assassin, Anthony B, and many others. Check out the flyer below. Street Dance Calender

There are certain dances and street dances that happen each and every week in Jamaica, most of them in Kingston. This is Jamaica’s week-to-week dancehall calendar.

Sunday Wet Sundaze – Hillview Avenue, Off Eastwood Park Road, Kingston Sundays on the Beach – Prendys, Hellshire Beach, St. Catherine Flip Flop Sundays – Rebel-T HQ, 52 Dumbarton Avenue

Monday Uptown Mondays – Savannah Plaza, Constant Spring Road, Kingston

Tuesday Boasy Tuesdays – Kno Limit Sports Bar, Hillview Terrace (Off Eastwood Park Road), Kingston Gal-A-Tuesday – Tip Top Plaza, Gillette Street, Linstead, St. Catherine

Wednesday Weddy Weddy – Stone Love H.Q., Burlington Ave., Kingston Passa Passa – Spanish Town Road, Tivoli Gardens, Kingston MVP Wednesdays – Ambiance Sports Bar, Eastwood Park Road, Kingston Mumsell Wednesdays – Ripon Road

Thursday Bembe Thursdays – Weekenz Sports Bar & Grill, Constant Spring Road, Kingston Alliance Thursday – Kno Limit Sports Bar, Hillview Terrace (Off Eastwood Park Road), Kingston

Friday Backshot Fridays – Kno Limit Sports Bar, Hillview Terrace (Off Eastwood Park Road), Kingston Fresh Fridays – Mystic Plaza, Hagley Park Road, Kingston Sell Off Fridayz – John Street & Arnold Road, Allman Town Early Rebel Fridays – Rebel-T HQ, 52 Dumbarton Avenue Up Ya Friday – Starplus Auto Detail Centre, 2 Chelsea Avenue, New Kingston Hennessy Fridays – 36 Burlington Avenue, Kingston

Kartel Biography a little summary about his early life.

Adijah Palmer attended Calabar High School in Kingston but was expelled. He completed his studies at Tutorial College, a private school in Kingston, Jamaica and graduated with English, History, Geography, and Literature at CXC levels. The young Adijah was exposed to a wide variety of music by two uncles who were aspiring musicians themselves. Every weekend he would listen to new musical offerings on his uncle's old component set, ranging from Sam Cooke to country and western ballads to Ninja Man, who became one of his musical foes. At the age of 10 his favorite artists included Papa San, Charlie Chaplin, Will Smith and KRS-1, all of whose lyrics he would write down and memorize, performing them later for the entertainment of friends. He is also known as "Adijah Di Teacha" According to Wikipedia

Early Career

On weekends Adijah would practice on neighborhood sound systems Soul Signal and Electric Force. In 1993, Adijah, now in his late teens, recorded his first single Love Fat Woman for Alvin Reid's One Heart Label under the name Adi Banton, a name he chose in tribute to Buju Banton who was one of his role models. He recorded several more tracks for local producers until 1996 when he and two friends, Mr Lee and a singer called Escobar, decided to form a group. One night, after watching a movie about Pablo Escobar and his infamous cartel, Adijah came up with a name for his trio: Vibes Cartel. Unfortunately some time after, the group broke up due to internal frictions leaving Adijah again to continue alone. Adijah choose to keep the name of the group changing the C to K in Kartel and adopting the moniker VYBZ KARTEL.


In 1998, Kartel made an appearance at the Champions in Action stage show, held in his hometown of Portmore. His performance was praised, and he was soon offered a way into the music industry. Fellow artist Bounty Killer described him as having a lot of potential.

Vybz Kartel’s new role as Killer’s protégé attracted attention from the public, he then progressed to collaborations with Bounty Killer such as Gal Clown and Girls Like Mine (Liquid Riddim). He then released on his own early hits such as Gun Clown, Guns Like Mine (Trafalga Riddim), Badman (Panty Raid Riddim), Bus Mi Gun Like Nuttn, Most High (Mexican Riddim) and War Organizer (Clappas Riddim). He also had a string of collaborations with Wayne Marshall, such as New Millennium (Mad Antz Riddim), Why (Krazy Riddim) and Why Again (Good To Go Riddim). This debut led to Vybz Kartel being crowned Deejay Of The Year at Stone Love’s 30th Anniversary, 2002.

Kartel has already had several collaborations with international hip-hop and pop stars. In terms of singles sold, he has had the second-best year on the reggae charts for 2003 (outsold only by Elephant Man) and has released 2 albums for UK/US based label Greensleeves Records Ltd. He was also featured twice on the Def Jamaica project, and nominated for Source, VIBE and UK MOBO awards (although his MOBO nominations, along with those of Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Sizzla were

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