Thursday, December 30, 2010



A day after police raided the newly renovated Building in New Kingston, deejay Vybz Kartel and his business partner, Corey Todd, took to radio talk-show host Kingsley 'Ragashanti' Stewart's popular Mix Up and Blenda programme Ragashanti Live on Nationwide 90 FM to reason about the Sunday night raid on the club, among other topics.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sting Jamaica 2010 stage show flop

SOME blame the recession, the absence of Vybz Kartel and Mavado, Kartel's event in New Kingston, and a myriad of other factors; whatever it was, Sting, the much-anticipated 27- year- old music festival failed to hit the mark on Boxing Day. Perhaps the greatest initial indicator that the event would fall short of previous years was the crowd support. By Sting standards, the huge Jamworld venue in Portmore St Catherine was empty, even after the midnight hour, when the event faithfuls would usually been seen streaming in to catch their favourite reggae and dancehall acts

Monday, December 27, 2010


THE Warlord Bounty Killer did not show up to collaborate with former rival Beenie Man at Sting 2010 at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre this morning.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Which artiste will take Jamaica Sting 2010?

COME tomorrow, the name of one artiste will be on the lips of all the persons who attended Sting — greatest one-night Reggae festival — as well as some who did not make it to the Jamworld Entertainment Centre in Portmore, St Catherine.

This year — the festival, which is in its 27th year, is devoid of the usual tension and lyrical clashes which have characterised the festival in past years. Instead, Supreme Promotions, promoters of the event, have dubbed the 2010 staging, the collaboration. 


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vybz Kartel says he won`t answer Beenie man- because he has no time for a feud with 'The Doctor'

Links Deejay Vybz Kartel says he will not be responding lyrically to recent comments and a song from veteran deejay Beenie Man.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beenie Man still says Gaza

Despite having problem with Kartel ... Says "No man caan style me"
He has managed to hammer out a long-standing lyrical feud with nemesis Bounty Killer, but recently tongues have been wagging that the 'Doctor' is now feuding with the current Stone Love deejay of the year, Vybz Kartel, since the release of the provocative Father God Help Him.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Macka's Diamond birthday Beach party bash

DANCEHALL'S Macka Diamond will be celebrating her earthstrong in 2011 at the Waves Beach in Portmore on January 8, and 'Miss Money O' says people can expect an entire day of fun.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ravers Clavers dancer still needs money for surgery - Awaiting medical attention in New York City

Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers crew. - File 

Popular dancer Ricardo 'Mundo Ravers' Gordon, from the Nannyville-based Ravers Clavers, is still well short of the funds to do a much-needed kidney transplant.

Monogamy or Polygamy? Sunday Special

NOW, that second line really caught my attention, where he says that our loves and comforts should increase. Is that a licence to live a life of hedonism, basking in the comforts of life's pleasures, even as we increase our stock of love?

Truth be told, I subscribe to the maxim that overindulgence is its own reward, and virtue its own punishment. After all, if you love something, why not go for it? And lord knows, virtue can be a real pain in the butt, a real prison. No wonder many priests bruk out and give in to the pleasures of sexual gratification. They simply could not stand the confines of a virtuous life anymore and gave in to pleasures of the flesh. And mama mia, the spirit is willing and the flesh is willing, too.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vybz Kartel is getting ready to launch his owned branded cake soap products.

Some intriguing rumors reaching us that the Portmore Empire owned Vybz Kartel is planning to start distributing his own make version of the Blue Bommer soap.

Beenie man, Bounty killer have programme set for Sting 2010

Come Boxing Day, Sunday December 26 , the Sting stage will be set up to accommodate adversaries- turned-friends, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, two of the headline acts on this year's event. They will be performing tune-for-tune together on stage in what promises to be an exciting segment called 'The 13 Warriors of Sting'.

NINJAMAN... to spend his second consecutive Christmas behind bars

Dancehall artiste Desmond Ballentine, better known by his stage name Ninjaman, and his son Jahniel are to spend their second consecutive Christmas behind bars, after more than a year in police custody on gun and murder charges. Lawyers representing the father and son, who are charged with the March 16 , 2009 murder of Ricardo ' Ricky Trooper' Johnson, failed to obtain bail for the men when they appeared in the Home Circuit Court on Friday.

Jamaica parties shedule for December 18-26, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beenie man feels Vybz Kartel dissed him

Controversial deejay Beenie Man raised eyebrows when he aired his grievances against fellow deejay Vybz Kartel on Nationwide 90 FM's 'Ragashanti Live!' yesterday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MR LEXX BACK IN JA - Deejay returns home after not being allowed to leave the US

Deejay Mr Lexx is back in the island today after spending more than a year in New York.

His manager, Earlton Clarke, yesterday  that the deejay had boarded his flight to Jamaica last night and is expected to return safely into the island. Lexx, born Christopher Palmer, has been missing from the local scene since October last year when he was arrested after a woman reported to the police that he sexually molested her.

It was reported that the woman was in her room at a hotel in Queens, New York, when the deejay forced himself on her. The police arrested the deejay the following morning. Since the incident occurred, the deejay's travel documents were seized and he has been unable to leave the United States.
several court appearances

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy Signal stage performance tear down Gambia he was exceptional. He pulled 50,000 crowd.

Dancehall deejay Busy Signal will probably never forget his very first performance in Africa.
The artiste performed in Gambia on Saturday, December 11 and sources say the stadium was filled to a capacity.

Fifty thousand people were inside the venue to see the Jamaica deejay while another 10,000 were still on the

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beenie man 'corrects' Vybz Kartel - Records song directed at Gaza deejay

A new Beenie Man song entitled Father God Help Them has been creating quite a stir in the dancehall as many have deemed it as a diss song for fellow deejay Vybz Kartel. The song has been getting plenty of listenership on the video sharing website, Youtube and has been attracting numerous comments from listeners. In the song, Beenie Man sings, "change mi skin colour that me naw do ... you see the freak thing, that me nah do ...". In another line, he sings, "a fight over style weh mi grandma mek/Oh awoww!, yuh no hear nothing yet/before Clarks a beat, man a wear Gator crep,". However, Beenie Man's manager, 'Blue', told in a telephone interview

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No put no woman pon yuh head-said artiste CHINO

Share | Gender power issues form an enduring subtopic in Jamaican music, from the deejay debate of Legal Rights between Papa San and Lady G, through to the Bigger Boss quarrels of Shirley McLean and Dwight Pinkney. Late last year, the on and off discourse made its way into the generation of performers raised in a more explicitly expressive era of Jamaican popular music, in the double entendre of Chino's Pon You Head as the sentiments of Shabba's Dem Bow meet The Meditations ' Woman is Like a Shadow . It starts as well-heeded advice: "From me a likkle yute A one ting me mother tell me She say don' take up whe yu caa manage, nothing heavy So me listen

Saturday, December 11, 2010

People sound off on Gaza/Gully absence this year at sting stage show

Without the presence of top-flight deejays Vybz Kartel and Mavado on the line-up of this year's staging of Sting, many have raised questions as to whether or not the show would be prosperous as in past years.



Sunday December 12, 2010

Stand Out — The Block Concert

@ Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston

Featuring: Tarrus Riley, I Octane, Vybz Kartel, Baby Cham, Time: 5:00 pm

Vybz Kartel is set to perform in New Kingston on Sunday.
I-Octane stages annual charity treat — Different Page.
The cast from the movie Jackass 3D.

 Vybz Kartel is set to perform in New Kingston on Sunday.

Jamaican artistes come out for LIME TV launch

The SportsMax Zone in New Kingston became command centre for the James Bond-esque product launch. From swipe card invitations and electronic countdown to the humourous video outlining the offerings on LIME TV.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Veteran artiste Baby Cham to stand out in New Kingston this Sunday (October 12, 2010)

FOR dancehall act Cham, Sunday's free Red Stripe Bold concert is a rare opportunity for the performers and audience alike to have a good time. The Madhouse entertainer has been included in a quality line-up of reggae/dancehall stars including Lady Saw, Tarrus Riley, I-Octane and Vybz Kartel, set to perform on Knutsford Boulevard before an expected audience of thousands.


Dave kelley an Baby' Cham dere is no way people can put out one riddim and not one song offa di riddim worthy fi listen more dan one time. Dat nuh mek sense. Mi say it bout Stronger, most people agree and some vex. See it deh. Di song release di odda day an dead like Miss Mattie one foot fowl right afta.

Di new Cham track wha name Dat Mi Seh, mi tune out aftah 30 seconds. Tump Mi Inna Mi Mout wid him and Timberlee, fi har part ah di song harrible buck, so di song shudda done at 46 seconds. Pinchers Amazing alright fi di fuss 25 seconds. Bounty Killer Enemies, lawd have mercy! Yuh can tell me why Killa a deejay like Cham?

Some ah oonu questions answered:
Reader: Cherry I don't know why Nikki Z don't just stay weh she deh cuz nuh body neva miss har an the idiot song weh she do bout bellyring.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vybz Kartel predicts weak Sting... in the absence of 'Gully', 'Gaza' artistes

Not only is deejay Vybz Kartel adamant that he will not be attending Sting this year, but he is now saying that without the 'Gully' and 'Gaza' presence this year's event will not be as successful as in previous years.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Mavado for Sting - Promoter says other artistes will fill the void

Mavado After not being on the poster or mentioned at the launch, it was confirmed yesterday that dancehall artiste Mavado will not be making an appearance at this year's Sting. Speaking with the star , Mavado's manager Julian Jones- Griffith said, "He's definitely not doing it." Sting's promoter Isaiah Laing also confirmed this. "He won't be on the show. I spoke to his manager and he said he would get back to me and he didn't, so we went ahead with the show," he said. WON'T BE CLASHING Laing explained that any void left by Mavado will be filled by other artistes on the line-up. "We have the likes of Sizzla right in the slot there. We don't think it will make a big difference. They (Mavado and Vybz Kartel) won't be clashing and them by

Miss Kitty Clear up your bills-A soon 2011 and some people still cyaa seem fi change dem dutty ways, turn over a new leaf and start mek dem way to the right path.

Lesbian teacha bruk har out- raggashanti

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Busy year ahead for Gully Squad

Members of the Gully Squad are anxiously anticipating the upcoming Christmas season as they have a number of shows lined up. In addition, they say 2011 will be their time to shine. The show count for the group is so many that member Flexx says he is not sure how he is going to manage the workload. "A one whole heap a show line up for the Christmas, enuh. Yuh done know a Hapilos Entertainment , alongside Solid Agency, a deal wid the management. Wi have a show in Guyana the 31 st, after that, inna the new year, mi have about 12 shows in the United States. Mi new song on Chrome's new Dancehall Effects rhythm a go mad the place too," said Flexxx. doing the work He continued, "Yuh know seh Mavado big show cancel and the visa trouble weh him a guh through, so a just we a bring the music to the people, in a sense, then. We just doing the work, getting it out there. Yuh zeeeet!" Another member, Savage, also gave similar comments saying, "The squad up to crazy things, enuh. Mi have a new song out, Mi Nah . Da song deh tun up loud inna the road, a crazy feedback. A just because man humble more while, mek mi nuh really out deh yet. But this Christmas name 'Gully Christmas', a ours it. Nuff show wi have fi work, mi cyan complain because a music mi do, nuff work inna it." When contacted, a busy Chase Cross, who was just about to head into the studio to record a song for DJ Frass, told , "Right about now, mi a mek plans fi shoot the video for Can't Stop Us, on DJ Frass' Gully Bomb rhythm. An mi a go a England with Mavado in about two weeks time." Adding, "When we come back, the whole Gully Squad have a show on December 26 weh Mavado a set up. We ago close off the year wid a show inna Guyana, and bring in the new year wid some new song weh wi just voice fi Stephen, Frass and Jordan dem. 2011 a go see the Gully Squad a guh haad," he added. The Gully Squad consists of Mavado, Kibaki, Chase Cross, Flexxx, Savage, 3 Star, Stacious and Crymist.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bounty killer wants back passport

DANCEHALL kingpin Bounty Killer will know on Friday whether the court will return his passport so that he can travel to the Caribbean during the festive season.

The entertainer's passport was seized as part of his bail condition when he was offered $500,000 bail on November 27 on a charge of unlawful wounding.

'NOT YET, BOUNTY' - Court delays deejay's attempt to get back passport

An obviously disappointed Rodney 'Bounty Killer' Pryce left the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, after an application for his passport to be returned was rescheduled.


Dancehall artiste Munga Honourable is alleged to have been at the centre of a conflict at the last staging of Hot Mondays, held at Lime Lite Nite Club in Half-Way Tree, where it is alleged that a selector was assaulted and the deejay later attacked.

According to an eyewitness, Fire Links' selector, Fire Ray, was attacked at the club and about half-an-hour later the deejay was also assaulted when he tried to leave the venue.