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An informant who helped federal agents build a drug case against Jamaican reggae singer Buju Banton has been paid $3.3 million for helping law enforcement in numerous cases over several years, lawyers said in court this morning.

An attorney for Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, said he plans to argue that the singer was entrapped by the informant, who

Flippa Mafia detained by Feds in Miami

The dancehall deejay known for his high roller profile is currently in US Federal custody. Tongues went wagging over the weekend as reports surfaced that Flippa Mafia had gotten into trouble with the United States law.
Checks made with the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department revealed that the deejay is indeed in a federal detention facility in Miami. Checks reveled that he is currently been held at The Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Miami, Florida, which is an administrative facility housing male and female inmates.
A Public Affairs Officer, Nicole Navas revealed that Flippa Mafia whose real name is Andrew Davis is currently in

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flippa Mafia poke fun at Bounty Killa at stage show in Miami

Dancehall artiste Flippa Mafia aka The King of Flossing had the audience cracking when he lyrical attacked Bounty Killer at the Best of The Best show held on May 24 at Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida.

When Flippa entered, the stage fans were expecting the usual Champaign spilling performance from the Flossing King.

Flippa however erased such thought when he decided to poke fun at the Alliance leader Bounty Killer with lines from his song titled Unfinished House produced by Liv-Up on the Good Life Riddim.

"Cause mi vehicle caan dera dan mi house...And mi rims caan dera dan mi couch ...Bounty a hype over unfinished house ...and all now him madda caan lef Water house.

Kartel to build 'Big Yard' library

Deejay Vybz Kartel is planning to build a library in the Big Yard community, located off Mannings Hill Road.
The library will be called the 'Adidja Palmer Library and Net Café' and will hopefully be opened by mid-April. When spoke with the artiste yesterday, he explained that he has already bought a 20-foot container which is being formatted to accommodate six computers and books, including encyclopaedias.
He said, "I spoke to a high-ranking officer from Constant Spring Police Station, a Mr Wray Palmer, who gave me the idea. He said instead of giving money to the residents which is like a hand-to-mouth kinda thing, why not build something that the community at large can benefit from forever, like a library. That's where I got the idea."
According to the deejay, he is in the process of seeking formal permission from city officials to open the library but has complete confidence that he will not encounter any problems in doing so.
prominent high schools
He said he has also spoken to the residents of the community who are supportive of the idea. "We have teachers of prominent high schools who reside in the community who are more than willing to take on the task of monitoring and operating the library. We will also be asking private-sector members in the area to foot the monthly bill."
Kartel told that he plans to buy some of the books needed for the library but he is also asking persons to sponsor or send any available books that could be used. "I need sponsors for books and I need an air-conditioning unit for the library as well. So any interested person can send the books, care of my publicist Claude Mills, to 14 Kirk Avenue, Havendale," he said.
As to why the library will be established in Big Yard and not in his home community of Waterford, Portmore, Kartel said, "Waterford is a community that has benefited from my generosity in the past and will continue to reap from 'Di Teacha' whether by donations to my alma mata, Waterford Primary, or by introducing new talent to the music world. But as a resident of Kingston 8 and a well-loved personality by Big Yard, this community is more needy of the project. Waterford Primary and High School have libraries, plus a community library."
Kartel and the Big Yard community have been linked for some time now, with the deejay supposedly being held responsible for some negative incidences that have taken place there. However, he says this is not an attempt to clean up his image or a publicity stunt.
"Well, it wasn't something I was gonna do if I wasn't given the idea. Mr Palmer sat me down and talked to me, he was basically saying 'do good' and I took his advice. Kartel will be Kartel. It is Adidja Palmer who is doing this," he said.

Good day people.

Vybz Kartel: Deejay, gangsta, or porn star? kartel... had the Internet — Facebook, Twitter and even — blowing up last week when two photos of himself and two female companions indulging in oral sex in separate incidents

Deejay Vybz Kartel surely knows how to grab head lines (no pun intended.) He has positioned himself as the top deejay locally and last year released a slew of songs which ensured that he claimed the coveted DJ of the Year title for 2009.
Kartel, as the self-proclaimed President of the Gaza and the leader of the now crumbling Portmore Empire, has had his fair share of criticism as being a 'gangsta', just like many deejays of this era have been labelled. However, the name Gaza speaks for itself, as the Gaza Strip which borders Egypt and Israel is known for some of the fiercest gun battles between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Kartel has been accused of (and has denied) beating wayward members of the Portmore Empire into submission and the recent shooting up and fire-bombing of deejay Blak Ryno's house sent tongues wagging. Blak Ryno subsequently released a song in which he said the he was not "him pickney" and therefore had no right to beat him.
In September 2008, Kartel was picked up by police and questioned in the death of Christopher 'Nunu Puss' Miller, whose bullet-riddled body was found in Bernard Lodge, St Catherine. Kartel's Norbrook house was also raided by the cops. However, he was released without charge and subsequently declared his innocence. He was reported as saying then, "A jus some people a try mek it look like Kartel a di evilest man inna di world."
Kartel, in true deejay style proclaimed that he would write a song about that particular tribulation. He has however done so many songs since then, that it's hard to recall whether or not he kept his promise. But the theme of his songs, however, have been constant -- guns and sex. Included in his repertoire is a popular song dedicated to the "girl dem inna di go-go club', in which he vividly describes oral sex, an act which is considered taboo within the dancehall.
Late last year, Lisa Hype, while still a Gaza Princess and the aspiring First Lady of the Gaza, was booted from the territory when pictures surfaced of her performing this illicit activity on a man whose face was hidden. A release said that "The members of the Empire have unanimously agreed to end our professional relationship especially in light of certain 'developments' that have come to our attention regarding her overall conduct, conduct that is not consistent with the decorum expected of a member of the Portmore Empire."
After that mouthful from Kartel, who wouldn't be shocked when pictures surfaced late last week of him being the recipient of the very act for which Lisa Hype was kicked out.
Kartel, to put it mildly, had the Internet -- Facebook, Twitter and even -- blowing up last week when two photos of himself and two female companions indulging in oral sex in separate incidents. Many asked the question online if Kartel had quit deejaying and had turned into a porn star.
And here's what Kartel had to say about the picture on his Twitter page: "Why should these photos cause such chaos when everyone an dem mumma kno that Vybz Kartel is the 2 Live Luke of dancehall. Haven't they been listening to my lyrics all these years?"

Vybz Kartel - "We have to respect the decision of the Prime Minister"

Following weeks of public debate and high profile media coverage, Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson announced yesterday that the Vybz Kartel/Mavado unity concert - scheduled for tomorrow - has been officially canceled.
PM Thompson is quoted in the Barbados Advocate as saying: "...I am happy to announce that in deference to the expressed wishes and the anxieties of a wide cross section of Barbadians, that the organizers of the Vybz Kartel/Mavado show and the Youth Forum have agreed to the revamping of initiatives resulting in the cancellation of this weekend's activities."
Dancehall Deejay Vybz Kartel offers the following statement:
"It is very unfortunate that the government in Barbados would cancel a show with two of the most influential Dancehall artists, especially a show promoting peace and unity amongst school children who take the whole Gaza/Gully phenomenon out of proportion. But we have to respect the decision of the Prime Minister -- ultimately he has the well being of the nation at the center of his agenda. I am saddened that we could not perform for our anxious Barbadian fans who would have turned out in the thousands for this historic event."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rising Stars host search tomorrow - Kiki addresses rumours

Digicel Rising Stars goes hunting for its new host to be the face of its seventh season tomorrow in Montego Bay.
With former host Yendi Phillipps announcing in February she would not be returning, the producers of Jamaica's most popular TV show don't have much time to find and groom its host, as airing is scheduled to begin on June 6.
Tomorrow's audition takes place at the Wexford Hotel between 2 and 7 p.m. and will be followed by another on Thursday at the Knutsford Court Hotel from noon to 7 p.m. Show producer Sharon Schroeter said similar to the contestants, the public would vote for the show's next host.
"Anyone in Jamaica, male or female, over the age of 18 who believes they have the talent the vibe and the excitement to be the next host for Digicel Rising Stars can audition," said Schroeter. "Jamaica has, over the last several years, embraced the competition and we thought it would be a great idea for Jamaica to choose who they feel is the best person to be the next host."
After the two auditions in Montego Bay and St Andrew, producers of the show will choose six finalists who will compete for the position. The six will then have the opportunity to show Jamaica their capabilities by hosting the contestant auditions at the five locations throughout Jamaica. At the end of each audition show, viewers will get their chance to vote for who they believe has what it takes to capture the main stage of Digicel Rising Stars. Jamaicans will then be introduced to their new series host at the first live show on Sunday, July 4.
The Chill Room will also boast a new host with the ebullient Miss Kitty taking charge. Former host Kerie-Ann 'Kiki' Lewis-Thombs said she left the show because of a better offer she received. Speculation has been rife that Lewis-Thombs was forced off the show because of a recent documentary she produced that chronicles her time in jail for drug trafficking. A  source said one of the shareholders of the show did have some concerns about Lewis-Thombs being associated with the show in light of the documentary.
Lewis-Thombs, in fact, said she was offered the job to host Rising Stars but that the other offer she was courting provided more stability.
"I have a lot of things I'd like to achieve and I was looking for more stability," she told  yesterday. "I not only present I produce as well and this other company respects my work behind the scenes."
Lewis-Thombs would not divulge any details on her new job but said "everybody will see soon".
Launched on TVJ in 2004, Digicel Rising Stars is Jamaica's first live televised talent search.In 2010, the most popular local show on Jamaican TV goes into its seventh season with a brand new format and exciting changes.
There will be many exciting changes for the seventh
New host
New Chill Room host
New format
New set design
New audition schedule
The show will now only air on Sundays with the results segment (30 minutes) starting the show.As in previous years, all live shows will be held at the Courtleigh Auditorium, However, this year there will be no Mas Camp live final show. The live final show will be held at the Courtleigh Auditorium and will air from 8-10 p.m.
June 6-September 19
Sundays 8-9:30 p.m.
Sunday, June 6 - Digicel Rising Stars 2009 Review
Sunday, June 13 - May Pen and Portmore auditions
Sunday, June 20 - Montego Bay and Ocho Rios auditions
Sunday, June 27 - Kingston and St Andrew auditions
Sunday, July 4 - Live show (1)
Sunday, July 11 - Live show (2)
Sunday, July 18 - Live show (3)
Sunday, July 25 - Live show (4)
Sunday, Aug 1 - Live show (5)
Sunday, Aug 8 - Live show (6)
Sunday, Aug 15 - Live show (7)
Sunday, Aug 22 - Live show (8)
Sunday, Aug 29 - Live show (9)
Sunday, Sep 5 - Live show (10)
Sunday, Sep 12 - Live show (11)
Sunday, Sep 19 - Live Final Show
The seventh season of Digicel Rising Stars will do an open search for a 2010 host and allow Jamaica to choose that person. The new host will be announced on the first live show on Sunday, July 4.
Miss Kitty has come on-board as the new Chill Room host.
Auditions will take place in five locations across the island for only one day with the exception of Kingston. Five persons will be selected by the judges from each location with the exception of Kingston where 10 will be selected.
Saturday, April 10 - Leiba's Gas Station, May Pen
Sunday, April 11 - Portmore Heart Academy, Portmore
Saturday, April 17 - The Wexford, Montego Bay
Sunday, April 18 - Hibiscus Lodge, Ocho Rios
Saturday, April 24 and Sunday April 25 - Girl Guides headquarters, St Andrew
Clyde McKenzie, Nadine Sutherland and Anthony 'Killer' Miller will return as Digicel Rising Stars' judges. Guest judges will also appear throughout the show.
The 2010 Digicel Rising Star will receive $1 million and a music video
Second place receives $600,000
Third place pockets $400,000
RJR Communications Group
The Star
Knutsford Court Hotel and the Courtleigh Auditorium

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feds Claim Buju Banton is Treated Fairly; as Opposed to his Lawyers' Claim

TAMPA - Claims that a Grammy-nominated reggae singer is being treated inhumanely in jail while awaiting trial on drug charges are "lies," a federal prosecutor said today.

A lawyer for singer Buju Banton filed a motion Monday saying his client had been placed in maximum security because he "had the audacity to share his food with another inmate."

Defense attorney David Oscar Markus also claimed Banton had lost 40 pounds because he was denied the vegetarian diet he requires for religious reasons. He said Banton's "mental and physical health has been rapidly deteriorating," and that the transfer has hindered his ability to prepare for his April 19 trial.

But Assistant U.S. Attorney James Preston presented evidence that Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, has gained 11 pounds.

Banton was 150 pounds when was booked into the Pinellas County Jailon Jan. 5. After Markus filed his motion, Banton was weighed again and the scale read 161 pounds, a jail official testified.

Markus challenged those records, asserting Banton's weight when he was booked was just an estimate.

But Pinellas sheriff's Capt. Mark Fletcher said the numbers were supported by records kept by jail medical staff, who have weighed Banton several times during his detention.

Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, son of Reggae legend Bob Marley, will be the closing act at WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2010, the festival’s organisers announced on Sunday.

Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) and WOMAD (World Of Music Arts and Dance) confirmed that Marley will make his first ever appearance in the UAE and is one of a number of new artists announced to play the three-day music festival.

The new artists confirmed to appear at the free festival, taking place at the Abu Dhabi Corniche from Thursday April 22, include Amparo Sánchez from Spain, Debashish Bhattacharya from India, Mayra Andrade from Cape Verde, Sierra Maestra from Cuba, Ilham Al Madfai from Iraq, Tinariwen from Mali performing with Mehdi Haddab from Algeria and Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe from US band ‘TV on the Radio’.

Last week, it was announced that Egyptian legend Hakim is set to headline the event. Founded in 1980 by former Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel, the first ever WOMAD festival was held in 1982 in the UK. Since then, WOMAD has worked with over 1,000 artists and staged more than 160 festivals in 27 countries including Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Singapore and Sicily.

Ludacris-Lauryn Hill collaboration falls through

NEW YORK (AP): Ludacris' latest album features a number of female rappers - but the Grammy-winner acknowledges there's one lady he really wanted to work with.
"I think Lauryn Hill is like extremely talented and I can say I did try to do that, it just didn't work itself out," he says of the multiple Grammy-winning singer-rapper, whose only studio album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, has sold more than eight million units in the United States since its release in 1998.
While the reclusive former Fugees performer didn't make it on Battle of the Sexes, Ludacris' seventh studio release, he successfully recruited Lil Kim, Eve, Trina and newcomer Nicki Minaj.
Though he's managed to surround himself with female rappers on the new album, Ludacris knows that women haven't had the greatest success in hip-hop, especially in the last few years. He said that's because female rappers misjudge their audience.
"They want to rap for the guys when they should be rapping and being themselves and talking about what's going on with them," said Ludacris. "We want to hear women talk more about what women do as opposed to trying to be like men or talk about what men do."
Battle of the Sexes debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album charts this month.

Rules of Engagement - Fuck Buddies

In today’s fast paced world, filled with drive thru ATM’s, fast food and smart phones, the next logical step is “fast fucks”.   During this recession period, I know it’s gotta be hard on guys to maintain having a girlfriend (s).  So why not downsize to a fuck buddy?

A fuck buddy (FB) is someone you have sex with “no strings attached”.  There’s no dating, no roses and you don’t have to introduce her as your significant other!  But you do get to call her at 3 a.m. when you’re leaving the party to see if she wants to fuck.
I’m sure the idea may sound immoral, but there is nothing wrong with two consenting adults satisfying each other’s sexual needs.  Besides, guys have been doing this for decades; they just never informed us ladies…right fellas?
As with everything else in this life, there are rules to this game, so follow these simple dos and don’ts to experience the advantage of sex…without the obligations.
1.  DO Set the Rules before you fuck - Every fuck buddy “relationship” needs a clear set of boundaries.  Before the sex starts, it’s best to decide what those rules will be, so you’ll both be on the same page.  Girls tend to get emotionally involved, so you’ll probably have to remind her (or them) that you’re just fucking.
2.  DO Wrap it Up - Don’t assume monogamy.  Use a condom every time.  Guys you know you’re spreading your seed around, so assume that seed is also being spread in her (by someone other than yourself).
3.  DO Get Creative - Having a fuck buddy is the perfect opportunity to try new positions and whip out the chains, handcuffs and vibrators.  Fuck buddies can be fun, freaky and fulfilling if you and your partner both agree on and respect the rules.
4.  DON’T See Her on a Regular Basis – Its best to not see her unless you know you’re going to fuck her…that includes not going out with her on a Friday or Saturday night!  NEVER call her ‘just to chat’ (she’ll probably start to think that you guys are an item).  You should only call or text if you’re going to invite her over to fuck.
5.  DON’T Entertain “Relationship” Talk – Never talk about life plans, or ask about her family.  If the subject comes up, try to find a way around it!  Or simply refer to rule # 1.
6.  DON’T Meet Her Friends – If they like you, they WILL start putting ‘boyfriend’ thoughts into her head.
7.  NEVER Talk About Other Women It could potentially start an un-necessary argument…remember women are emotional!  You don’t want to lose a good FB if you disclose too much information!
‘Fuck buddy’, ‘friends with benefits’, whatever you want to call it, is a healthy and convenient way to satisfy your sexual urges.  Women are getting divorced, breaking up with their boyfriends or deciding to have something “on the side” everyday so…get your FB today!!

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Sex in a new city: Carrie and pals go to Abu Dhabi

 Sarah Jessica Parker and her Manhattan gal pals are taking their sexy ways to a new city.
Sex and the City 2, due in theatres May 27, sends Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon on a trip to the Middle East as they visit Abu Dhabi.
While the sequel allows Parker's Carrie Bradshaw a chance to spend quality time with her chic posse, it also gave the actresses more opportunity to hang together than they've had before.
"This is probably the most time the characters have ever spent together," Parker said in an interview at last week's ShoWest convention for theatre owners, where distributor Warner Bros premiered a new Sex and the City 2 trailer.
"Simultaneously, it was the first time that the four actors left the country, lived together, worked together for almost eight weeks solid - and when I say lived together, I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner together every single night," Parker continued. "We were removed from family and friends, and we've never had that kind of time together, because we always went home to friends and family and children and husbands and wives. It is the most fun and the hardest we've ever worked together."
Topping the first film
The foursome needed to work hard to top the first big-screen spin-off of the TV series, which far exceeded industry expectations two years ago with a US$56.8 million opening weekend. The movie went on to top US$150 million at the box office.
Sex and the City 2 reunites Carrie and company with the key men in their lives, including Big (Chris Noth), whom Carrie married in the first movie.
The sequel has Cattrall's Samantha Jones taking her friends along to Abu Dhabi, where her movie star ex has shot an action film. The trailer reveals that Carrie finds temptation in the desert when she runs into her own ex from the TV show, Aidan (John Corbett).
"We bump into each other halfway around the world?" Carrie muses. "That means something."
The trailer also sets up crises for Carrie's friends: Samantha struggling to stay youthful, Davis' Charlotte York feeling overwhelmed by her children and Nixon's Miranda Hobbes wishing for time away from work to be a stay-at-home mom.
While much of the film takes place in Manhattan, the Middle East action presents a culture clash as the four fashionistas manoeuvre through a land steeped in tradition regarding the behaviour and appearance of women.
"How do you sort of live up to the idea of fashion being a component of this particular franchise and be in a culture that requires you to be covered, and how to be sexy or lack a sort of chaste quality?" Parker said.
Michael Patrick King, who wrote and directed both movies and was executive producer on the TV show, said the big question people asked before the first movie came out was whether or not Carrie and Big got married.
"So we move from marriage to the next logical place in people's minds, is she having a baby?" said King, who acknowledges that "it's one of the thoughts of the movie" but will not answer for sure. "For me, I always like to do something that's individualistic and unique for Carrie Bradshaw, since she is one of a kind."

Kartel in sex photo - Artiste claims he lost phone in Negril

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is claiming that he lost his mobile phone, leading to the unauthorised release of pictures with two women performing oral sex on him.
"I lost my BlackBerry, the rest is history," the Portmore Empire-boss told  yesterday, noting that the phone was lost while he was in Negril.
The first two pictures came to the fore about 6 a.m. yesterday morning. Since then, they have been circulating on the Internet, especially on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. In those pictures, a woman with a tongue piercing holds his member as they both look into the camera. The woman is light-skinned and has a tattoo on her left shoulder.
blonde and red wig
Afterwards, received two other pictures, one with the previous woman, who is now at a different angle, and another picture with a different woman. This next female is dark-skinned, has a pierced nose and is wearing a blonde and red wig. But in these two latest photos Vybz Kartel's face cannot be seen.
When asked how he feels about pictures of this nature being in the public domain, Vybz Kartel said, "mi vex how dem out but it's already out there and blowing up the net. Unfortunately, it can't be recalled."
He also spoke about the picture on his Twitter page, responding to questions raised from his fans. "Why should these photos cause such chaos when everyone an dem mumma kno that Vybz Kartel is the "2Live Luke" of dancehall. Haven't they been listening to my lyrics all these years?," said the artiste who explicitly sings about oral sex in songs like Go Go Club, Wine Pon Yuh and Tek.
Since the release of the pictures, Vybz Kartel said he has been in contact with the women, who he refers to as his 'friends'. He said they are angry that the pictures have been exposed.
But when asked how he feels they will affect the women, he said, "nobody knows them. I'm the one being affected 'cause my face can't hide."
Only late last year, the artiste now known as Lisa Hyper a former member of Kartel's Empire was seen in a photograph performing oral sex on a man.


Patrons, dancers, artistes and other entertainment personalities turned out in their numbers on Wednesday night to share in the fun and frolic as the weekly street dance, Passa Passa, celebrated its seventh anniversary.
Among the many celebrities and entertainment personalities who turned out were 'The Doctor' Beenie Man, Tarrus Riley, Konshens, Chino, Dean Fraser, dancer Mystic, Sample Six, Ravers Clavers, Black-er, Macka Diamond and many others.
Here are some of the pictorial highlights!
(Photos by Niketa Thomas)

Visitors from around the world came to get a taste of the Passa Passa flavour.

Chino performed some of his hits

The Palais Royale girls were awarded for their devotion to the weekly event.

The dancers were out in their colours and numbers.

Tarrus Riley (left) and Konshens hanging out before taking centre stage to perform.
source : The star
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Hot on the heels of his acrimonious departure from Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire, comes a statement from dancehall deejay, Blak Ryno (real name – Romain Anderson), that he has changed his stage name to ‘Ryno Di Stinger’, and that he is now associated with a new syndicate called “Garrison” which features several artistes including Kaliba, and a producer – Super Blunt.

Here are excerpts from the statement:Romain Odden Anderson also known as Blak Ryno would like to inform the public that he will be moving on with his music career under the name “Ryno di Stinger”. He would also like to establish that his departure from the Portmore Empire was an act of his maturity and professionalism … He is stronger than ever as he has held himself to high musical standards which have and will continue to yield great results … This Syndicate brags the name “Garrison” as they are talented artist from prominent non-residential areas in Jamaica. They are musically competent and thus they strive to be successful.

It’s ironic that two other Portmore Empire exiles – Lisa Hyper and Kym – also changed their names after similar controversial exits from the Gaza crew. Lisa Hyper was formerly known as Lisa Hype, and Kym was formerly known as Gaza Kim. Look out for a brand new single featuring Kym and Ryno Di Stinger – it will likely be released this weekend.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Claims Buju being treated inhumanely in jail are "lies" - prosecutor


Friday, March 26, 2010
TAMPA, Florida – A federal prosecutor says claims that Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is being treated inhumanely in jail while awaiting trial on drug charges are "lies."
Attorney David Markus claimed in a motion Monday his client was placed in maximum security because he shared food with another inmate. Markus' claims also included Banton had lost weight because he was denied the vegetarian diet he requires for religious reasons.
Assistant United States Attorney James Preston presented evidence that Banton, born Mark Myrie, has gained 11 pounds.

Banton has been in jail on a drug charge since December.
US Magistrate Anthony Porcelli said he would not interfere with jail operations. He said he would not order Banton's release because he believes there's a risk of him fleeing.

Barbados PM says no to Mavado, Vybz Kartel show

FOLLOWING weeks of intense public debate and front page headlines in Barbados, the Mavado, Vybz Kartel unity concert scheduled for this weekend has been officially cancelled.
Prime Minister David Thompson made the announcement at a press conference held yesterday, exactly two days before the event. Thompson is quoted in the Barbados Advocate as saying: "That quest to do the right thing by Barbadians prompted my request for the meeting with the organisers of the proposed show and I am happy to announce that in deference to the expressed wishes and the anxieties of a very wide cross-section of Barbadians, that the organisers of the Mavado/Vybz Kartel show and Youth Forum have agreed to the revamping of initiatives resulting in the cancellation of this weekend's activities."
The prime minister said that persons were mainly concerned with the idea of these artistes being portrayed as role models.
"Don't leave here in any doubt; anything that has to be done to protect our children in this country will be done," he stressed.
Interestingly, Vybz Kartel, the Gaza president and Mavado, the Gully god performed in Barbados on separate occasions in October and November of last year, during what was then the height of Gully/Gaza tensions between them and their respective supporters. No attempt was reportedly made then by the government nor the police to prevent those concerts, which progressed incident-free.
There have been suggestions in some quarters that the cancellation stemmed in part from the fact that the promoter, Jack Farrell, is Vincentian and therefore should not have been the one to promote an event of this magnitude in Barbados.
"Mavado and Kartel sharing the same stage at a concert promoting peace and unity is huge by any standards. That is a sell-off event. And you must remember that there is a big reggae show in April, put on by promoters based here in Barbados," a source explained.
The commissioner of police, Darwin Dottin had stated initially that he did not have the manpower to police the show, and would therefore not grant the required permit.
That, however, was subsequently reversed and Farrell, who was named as joint promoter with the government-affiliated Barbados Youth Action Programme, subsequently resumed his planning for the event.
Farrell reportedly stated yesterday that the artistes had been booked to arrive in the island last night, but it was not clear whether or not they had actually left Jamaica for Barbados.
Farrell had said previously that a cancellation of the show would mean a loss of more than $200,000 for his company.
"I have invested a lot of money in this show, I've paid the artistes deposits, paid for advertising the show and paid for airline tickets and hotel accommodation, among other things," Farrell reportedly said.
He said the show would bring needed revenue into the country and enhance business for a number of interests such as boutiques and food vendors.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stop order has been place on Elephant man-Elephant Man cited for tax evasion

Another dancehall artiste has landed in trouble with the Tax Administration Department.

Elephant Man, whose given name is O'Neil Bryan, was on Wednesday night prevented from leaving the island by immigration officials due to tax related matters.

It is understood that the artiste owes the government millions of dollars in unpaid taxes.
We understands that the artiste and his entourage arrived at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St. James enroute to England when he was told that a stop order had been placed on him.

Members of his entourage were however allowed to leave the island.
When our News Centre contacted the Tax Administration Department, Director of Communications Meris Haughton declined to comment on the specific case involving Elephant Man.

However Miss Haughton noted that stop orders at the island's ports are being used as a strategy by the tax authorities as they intensify their drive to force delinquent tax payers to settle their arrears. source rjrnews

Kiki kicked from the Rising Stars Chill Room


When ‘it’ girl Kiki Lewis got the job as host of the Digicel Rising Stars Chill Room – the place where specially invited artistes and the contestants hang out each week on the popular talent hunt – it was a match made in heaven.

Well, two seasons and one tell-all documentary later, Kiki has been given the boot.

The cutesy, media darling will not be chilling with the stars this season, according to reports.

Although the producers have not given any official statement, the general opinion of John Public is that Kiki’s documentary in which she candidly speaks about spending time in prison overseas on drugs trafficking charges, played a major role in their decision.
It is expected that the Chill Room will remain, but a new host is definitely in the making.

The documentary, Our Very Own: Locked Up Abroad, produced by Advanced Media Productions, explores drug trafficking in Jamaica and shows Kiki as a misguided 18-year-old who made a bad choice.

Now an anti-drug trafficking advocate, Kiki is quoted as saying that she “shared private details of her past in an effort to deter the youth from making the same mistakes” that she made


Citing an unnamed but “rock solid” source, the site says “legendary singer Beyoncé and her hip hop mogul husband Jay Z are expecting their first child together.”
The report also says Beyoncé is doing well and is “expected to continue working throughout her pregnancy.”
Keep in mind, this rumor pops up from time to time. Google “Beyoncé pregnant” and prepare for an avalanche of speculation.
Jay-Z packed Philips Arena last month, and the day after his concert he was spotted with Beyoncé and Atlanta’s Jermaine Dupri at Stats, the sports bar just down the street from the arena.
Along with a crowd of about 10 friends, the trio sat in the restaurant’s Lincoln Lounge area and watched sports.
We were told at the time that while Dupri munched on nachos and fruit punch, Jay-Z sipped a Corona and the Mrs. enjoyed a refreshing Smartwater spiked with raspberry iced tea flavored Crystal Light.
Wonder if they were celebrating?

Sri Lanka refuses to grant visa to Akon

COLOMBO, March 24, 2010 (AFP) -- Sri Lanka yesterday said it had refused US rap star Akon entry to the island following protests that a music video he produced was offensive to Buddhists.
Director General of Information Anusha Pelpita said Sri Lanka would not grant the US star a visa for next month's planned concert at a cricket ground in Colombo.
"The government has taken into consideration the sensibilities of the Buddhists who have been offended by one of his videos which showed scantily clad women dancing in front of a Buddha statue," Pelpita told AFP.
He said Colombo decided to stop the Grammy Award-nominated star's concert planned for April 24, despite hopes from the official Tourism Promotion Bureau that his visit would attract more holidaymakers to the island.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LiL Wayne buys sex from whores- here`s the details.


March 24, 2010. Snitchin groupies is the new IN THING in 2010. told you the story of the jumpoff named Katt, who admitted to having RELATIONS with rappers Bow Wow, Mack Maine and Nelly.

Well now another girl, a known PROSTITUTE . . . is claiming that rapper Lil Wayne HIRED HER for her services. Here’s what the girl is saying (courtesy of our FAVORITE groupie Katt):
Well the way I even got into contact with him was that he called my girlfriends Eros Advertisement (Escort Service) so she went and saw him, after that I asked her to go also. She didn’t wanna go so I went instead.

The second time He was kinda in a rush because he was texted me earlier in the day to come maybe around 1 or so and I didn’t get over there till about 5. Anyways the sex was really good actually, he’s very affectionate.

The 3rd time I was at club Play, First we were at a table with sum NFL players, but then they announced Nicki Minaj and the whole Young Money was there. The DJ announces for Nicki Minaj to sign me and my friends boobs lol.

So after the club we all meet up at the studio. We drink smoke and then his P.A take me and my girlfriend went to his condo on the Beach. We all just go to the bedroom. we just get straight to giving him h*ad, he loves when two girls do it at the same time lol then he grabs a condom and we start first, doggy first.

He kisses my back the whole time. He's very sweet and passionate. We go for like 5 minutes or so. Then he changes the condom and it was my friends turn. He then finishes. We lay there for a minute, then he showered and got dressed. I really don't think this guy sleeps at all it was like 8 in the morning and he was still going. but yea that’s about it. i guess it was fun while it lasted ya know..
Source: Mediatakeout

Beyonce father Matthew has a new born child from Alexsandra Wright

Matthew Knowles, he shady businessman and whoring father of Beyonce, has a new baby boy named Nixon born last Thursday from former mistress Alexsandra Wright, according to TMZ.
Alexsandra, a small time actress who once appeared on “Scrubs,” filed a paternity suit against Mathew back in October. She is scheduled to appear in court next week to try to receive child support payments from Mathew. Alexsandra, who claims their relationship lasted 18 months, is adamant Matthew is the father, but sources say that he wants a paternity test before dishing out any of Beyonce’s hard earned money.

Ricky Trooper Records Serious Insults...'Disses' several persons including Bounty...

No apology forthcoming for hurling insults
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter
Despite hurling insults at many people in the entertainment industry on a video that surfaced on YouTube recently, Ricky Trooper said he was not drunk and will not apologise for his words.
The veteran selector ranted on two videos that were posted on OvaDiWallEnt's YouTube channel. Both videos were posted on the website on March 21, under the title 'Ricky Trooper Tells All'.
When contacted, Trooper said the videos were recorded mid-January while he was in Atlanta, celebrating his birthday. Although he was drinking liquor, he said he was not drunk but just felt like speaking his mind.
"I never drunk yet. Drunk is a person who is intoxicated and never know what he is saying. You can never use drunk as an excuse," he told . "Mi a talk from mi heart. After being in the business for so much years, mi buss before Bounty, Beenie, Kartel and Mavado. So why me as a selector mi fi tek talk from a artiste?"
And, he really seemed to be speaking from his heart. In the first video, which is almost 10 minutes long, he begins, "mi nuh business wid people enuh, mi just waan know seh God love mi. Mi nuh fight bout greatness or dem ting deh. Mi play music fi di people. Mi nah tell no man seh mi a bad selector, mi do mi work inna this, mi a legend."
As he continued, he boasted that the only sound system to 'buss' since 2000 is Sound Trooper and he was responsible for that. In the process, he also lashed out at Sky Juice.
Throughout the expletive-filled videos he reinforced that he is not drunk, only 'nice'. "Wi have wi gun ...," he said waving what looked like a handgun and shouting in the camera.
When he spoke with THE STAR, Ricky Trooper explained that he was holding a replica gun which is actually a lighter.
As he speaks, he sips from his cup that was half-filled. Meanwhile, there are several men in the background laughing and making comments. At various intervals, he says, "put this pon YouTube, mek sure mi see it pon YouTube a morning."
box or plane seat?
However, he managed to show respect to Super Cat. "You a di only man ever bad me up. A you ask mi seh 'how yuh waan go back a Jamaica, inna box or plane seat?' and mi seh Super Cat, mi ago tek the plane seat," Ricky Trooper laughingly said.
In the other six-minute video, he also attacks Bounty Killer and Chin, of Irish and Chin fame.
Afterwards, he turns his attention to Busy Signal. "Wah happen to you Busy Signal? Yuh a sing bout Gary."
Despite the seemingly harsh comments, Ricky Trooper said he has no regard for anyone who might feel insulted.
"If me a talk pon YouTube and Killa offended, mi nuh business bout that. 'Cause a weh people a talk bout Bounty Killer in the streets mi a talk bout. I don't feel no way bout who waan offended 'cause dem nah put on my pot," he told 
While he has issues with Busy Signal, Ricky Trooper said, "mi nuh have nutten 'gainst Mavado 'cause mi proud a Mavado. Him have a dream and him a live him dream."

Ricky Trooper
"Mi a talk from mi heart. After being in the business for so much years, mi buss before Bounty, Beenie, Kartel and Mavado. So why me as a selector mi fi tek talk from a artiste?"

$100,000 REWARD FOR STOLEN PUPPY - Owner offers big bucks for pet's return

The nights have been long and the days have been cold for one Corporate Area woman, since the theft of her seven-year-old Shih Tzu Poodle, which was reportedly stolen from her Calabar Mews apartment complex in St Andrew last Sunday.
So desperate is the woman, Nadine Hamilton, for the safe return of the dog, which she describes as her only company at home, that she is offering $100,000 cash to anyone who brings back the pet safely.
"Mi want mi dog, mi nuh eat two days now, mi ah tell yuh de God almighty truth," the woman said yesterday when she was contacted by the star "Mi want back mi dog."
Hamilton explained that the dog, named Ashley, was definitely stolen from the premises as the animal is extremely trained and would not leave otherwise.
"Someone deliberately took her from the complex, she has lived here for four years and she has never left," the distressed owner explained. "A neighbour across the street said that he saw a light skinned guy walk through the gate (at the complex) and saw when he was leading the dog outside."
beloved angel
Hamilton further said that the neighbour, who was washing a car at the time, called out to the individual, telling him not to let the dog venture outside. The neighbour did not really pay much attention to them after that and the dog and the light skinned fellow have not been seen since. At present, this bit of information is the only clue that Hamilton has about the possible whereabouts of the 'new owner' of her beloved angel.
This information, she has already given to the Constant Spring police. When  contacted the police they confirmed that they have recorded a report about the stolen pet after Hamilton visited the station on Sunday. However, there have been no new developments in the case of the missing animal.
"I know right now she (Ashley) is distressed because she hardly goes outside, she is like a very 'stush' white girl, she is always in the house, she sleeps in a bed, she runs on a treadmill, she likes chicken and steak," Hamilton said. "I don't know if these people are going to cater to her lifestyle."
The owner went even further to express fears of the culprits mating her white angel with mongrels or even tying her outside like a stray dog.
Hamilton said that she is imploring anyone with information to call her 886-0169 or 562-3169. She said even if someone may have purchased the dog not knowing that it was stolen, they should still contact her.
And, in case you are in possession of Ashley and you are too ashamed to face the owner or the police, Hamilton is asking that you merely "open the side gate (at the apartment complex) and put her (Ashley) in the yard, she knows her apartment she's part of a family."
In the meantime, Hamilton said that she will be fasting and praying for her dog over the next nine days.
Source :star

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mavado and Kartel show in Barbados in limbo

In Barbados, a show planned for this weekend featuring controversial dancehall artistes Mavado and Vybz Kartel remains in limbo.

There has been little information coming from joint organisers, promoter Jack Farrell and the Barbados Youth Action Programme, a Government affiliate under the chairmanship of Independent Member of Parliament Hamilton Lashley.

In a radio interview Monday, Mr. Farrell, said he was "calling off" the show because of opposition from the police and members of the public.

But he later retracted the position on the advice of his lawyers.

Reports later indicated the promoters had applied to the Royal Barbados Police Force for licences to play loud music and to sell alcoholic beverages.

Superintendent of the Bridgetown Division, Lybron Sobers, confirmed receiving the applications but said approval would be based on the results of investigations into Saturday's proposed show.

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday involving the organisers and the police.

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin, several parliamentarians and Cabinet ministers, including Minister of Education Ronald Jones, have also expressed opposition to the show.

They have argued that the artistes who only last year called an end to a bitter feud promote violence in their lyrics and would be a bad influence on the youth of Barbados.

The organisers have however argued that the show was not solely for profit but would use the popularity of the two dancehall artistes in a bid toto stem some of the violence that is plaguing the society.
Fifteen people killed across the island. PDF Print

Gunmen went on the rampage across the island Monday leaving 15 persons dead.

Most of the victims were reportedly killed in St. Catherine.

Among the victims were two taxi operators who were shot dead by gunmen in separate incidents at Corlett Road and Lime Tree Grove, St. Catherine.

Dead are 37-year-old Dwight Thompson of Corlett Road and 44-year-old Michael Walker of Lakes Pen.

In the first incident about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, colleagues of Mr. Walker who had discovered him missing carried out a search and later found his body with gunshot wounds on the Lime Tree Grove main road.

It was removed to the morgue for post mortem.

Approximately four hours later, Mr. Simpson's bullet-riddled body was found slumped over the steering wheel of his motor car.

The vehicle was found in a ditch along side Corlett Road.

Residents had called the police and reported hearing explosions prior to the discovery.                  

Officers processed the crime scenes and the bodies were removed to the morgue.

Data collected by RJR News revealed that more than 350 persons have been murdered in Jamaica since January.


Julian Marley to Enlighten Culture Room

It can be difficult to keep track of all the musical offspring of super-fertile reggae king Bob Marley. Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, and Damian have each carved out their unique notches in their reggae family tree. Julian, elder only to Damian, creates music true to the traditional roots reggae legacy of his father more so than his siblings but incorporates R&B, hip-hop, and dancehall elements as well. In sum, accessible to the trimmed and dreaded alike.

His latest release, 2009's Awake (recorded in Miami and Kingston), is filled with spiritually and socially conscious tracks strong enough to enlighten the sleepiest of dorm room stoners. The production is polished, placing it on the poppy side of the reggae spectrum. Older brother Stephen, who is Awake's executive producer, earned two Grammys for work on brother Damian's albums, in addition to his four others as an artist. As a performer, Julian has toured the world with his band the Uprising. His stop in South Florida this month comes on the heels of gigs in Australia,Jamaica, and Los Angeles just this year.