Friday, April 19, 2013

Dead air for Miss Kitty on RJR last lap 2013

There were seconds of dead air for radio personality Miss Kitty this afternoon as she attempted to tell listeners how to contact her on social media after today’s final day on Radio Jamaica (RJR).

‘Miss Kitty’ whose real name is Khadine Hylton has been the host of the afternoon radio programme ‘Ruption’ since 2008.

RJR earlier this afternoon confirmed that Miss Kitty was leaving.

It has since released a statement saying her resignation comes against the background of discussions regarding other broadcast arrangements which are having an impact on RJR's present and immediate strategic business activities.

In recent weeks, Miss Kitty has been working with the New York-based Link-Up Radio.

In announcing her RJR departure on radio shortly before the 5 p.m close of her show today, the broadcaster said: “Miss Kitty is all about expansion and growing.”

“In life, we have to take the necessary steps,” she said, before proceeding to give her Facebook address, when the air went dead.

When the transmission resumed, Miss Kitty continued: “Sometimes in life when you are given an ultimatum you have to choose what is best for yourself.”

Miss Kitty also thanked her RJR family for providing her with the opportunity to work on the station and again provided her Facebook contact details, but this time there was no dead air.

The broadcaster said she will remain in Jamaica and will continue to be on air.

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