Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Macka Diamond’s Oral Sex Photos Got Leaked ( see x-rated photos)

With racy pictures of a man seemingly performing oral sex on her being leaked, Macka Diamond is claiming innocence.
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The Internet was abuzz in recent days with pictures of Macka Diamond, who was wearing lingerie, seemingly receiving oral sex from a man. In one of the pictures, the deejay was sitting on a kitchen counter beside a stove, while the man’s face seemed to be on her genitals. For the other picture, she sat on the arm of a sofa while the man held on to her thighs again with his head between her legs.
When contacted, Macka Diamond said the pictures will be part of the music video for a new song, Twist Me. She also stressed that she did not leak the pictures and was unaware of how they got into the public domain.
“We did two versions, one for the TV and one for Internet purposes. I shot the video because I knew I was leaving. Basically, a lot of the camera people were told not to leak the pictures. We didn’t expect anybody to leak the pictures. We didn’t need to send out any pictures before ’cause the video would speak for itself,” she told THE STAR.
But before the video was made, Macka Diamond said a broadcast was sent out requesting men who wanted to play the role. To her surprise, Macka Diamond said there were countless men willing to act the part.

“A lot of men were willing to come up front and do it. He was one of our choices. We wanted someone who felt comfortable playing the part,” she said.
Following the leak, Macka Diamond received a bit of backlash from some persons who said she was promoting oral sex. However, she says many of these persons are hypocrites.
She made reference to Vybz Kartel’s Freaky Gal, which praised women who performed fellatio, and “the men were excited,” she said.

“We haffi defend the women part of it. You have females out there who love to get it. Is just hearing things on the road and just balancing the thing. It’s hypocrisy. You have to have someone who can stand up for the women,” she said.
So far, she said Twist Me has been getting regular play in the dancehall and “the video and the pictures being leaked just put the icing on the cake.”
a different thing

Although the song has been doing well, Macka Diamond says she hopes it will do as well or even better than her popular Dye Dye.

“Dye Dye is a different thing. This song is adding to what is there already, making the thing more and more progressive. I hope it can stand up to Dye Dye, as well as surpass it,” she told THE STAR, noting that Dye Dye is now getting airplay on Hot 97 in the United States.
Currently doing a book tour with Bun Him Part 2, Macka Diamond says she is grateful for the recent waves that she has been able to make in the dancehall.

“I feel good because a lot of people are looking at age. It just proves that it is not about who old or young or looks, but who is making hits, making good music. I am really proud of me. I continue to prove myself that diamonds are forever and I am a talented artiste,” she said.
Not stopping at Dye Dye and Twist Me, Macka Diamond said she will be releasing even raunchier songs for the Summer, including My Body Calling that was produced by Elvis and another song that was produced by Arthur Wale.

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