Sunday, December 1, 2013

And then there will be four - Tessanne's chin next target

Having made it into the top six of NBC’s talent show -The Voice - Jamaican singer, Tessanne Chin, is now hoping to continue her spectacular run and be there among the top four, after next Monday’s live performances and the results show the following evening.

Chin tweeted on Wednesday that she already knew the song she would be performing next and that she was excited about the choice.
Underneath it all
The singer from Kingston, Jamaica sufficiently impressed the audience and the voters with this week’s performance of the reggae hit “Underneath it all” by the band No doubt, and even mastered the infectious deejay segment, originally done by fellow Jamaican, Lady Saw.
When it came time for the announcement of the “safe” contestants who would be going through to the next round, she had to wait anxiously for three other names to be called, before she was also announced as one of those moving on.
In doing so she joined fellow Team Adam (Levine) members, Wil Champlin and James Wolpert, alongside Cole Vosbury of Team Blake and Jacqueline Lee of Team Christina,  as well as the highly rated Matthew Schuler of Team Christina, who, surprisingly for many, had to rely on the ‘instant save’ provided by voters during the live show.
This left Ray Boudreaux and Caroline Pennell out of the running, also leaving coach, Cee’Lo Green without any remaining singer, Pennell having been his last contestant up to the final eight.
Still a favourite
Notwithstanding the high quality of the remaining contestants and the volatility of the voting, some knowledgeable writers in the United States are still expressing confidence that Tessanne will win The Voice this year.
That prediction will ultimately prove correct only if the votes and iTunes downloads of Tessanne’s songs power her to victory. US based Jamaicans are now mobilizing to hold “Twitter parties”, starting Monday evening, to encourage as many of her countrymen as possible to give her the support required.
So impressive has been her introduction to the American audience however that there’s likely to be more than a few non Jamaican votes going her way after she belts out her next song.

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