Friday, January 10, 2014

Chris Brown Says Everybody In The Industry Smash Rihanna

This could be Chris Brown‘s loudest statement to date on his feelings towards Rihanna.

Earlier this year the “Turn Up The Music” singer says he didn’t care what anyone thinks. The singer has also dropped several subliminal shots about Rihanna’s past.
DETAILS: Chris Brown Talks Rihanna And Loosing His Virginity At 8

Last night Chris Brown released a never before heard verse from DJ Khaled’s “I’m Still” where he sings about Rihanna’s promiscuity.

Chris Brown did not revealed any names, but he did say that everyone who smashed told him.

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a bitter fallout earlier this year after reuniting for only a few months. They have not spoken to each other ever since.

Chris Brown is currently readying his new album X for a December 3rd release date. The album was pushed backed from November 19th.
Do you think Rihanna smash too many people in the industry?

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