Monday, September 8, 2014


Downsound Records' artiste Ishawna is lucky to be alive after walking away unscathed in a motor vehicle collision where a bus totalled a Nissan Tiida car she was driving.

The accident occurred last Tuesday night in Havendale, St Andrew. Although she seemed unscathed, the doctors ran a battery of tests to ensure that she had no internal injuries. She gave details of the accident through her Instagram account over the weekend.

"On Tuesday night while I was on my way home, I got into a major accident with a bus. Suprisingly, I came out of the accident with no injuries. not even one scratch on my body. To God be the Glory! The real reason I decided to share this with you is because I want you to know that no matter what you are going through, no matter how hard life may seem, always give thanks for life because life is the ultimate blessing," she said.
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In recent weeks, Ishawna has been blowing up all over FM radio with her hit, Restraining Order on the High Life rhythm and her Need Love single which hit over 100,000 views on YouTube last week. She has been getting numerous calls for bookings in the US and Canada. In the UK, Need Love has hit popular reggae charts on two underground stations.
Downsound Records boss Josef Bogdanovich said the accident is just a reminder of how important it is to pay attention to the details.
"Ishawna is lucky to be alive. The pictures speak for themselves, the car is a total wreck. This accident is just a reminder of how important it is, as an artiste, especially when you're hot, to keep your focus. One minute you're hot and the next minute, you're running into a bus. Focus!" he said.
Ishawnahad some parting words of wisdom for her fans.
"Always appreciate the fact that you are able to see another day because at any given moment life can be taken away. Whatever you are going through no matter how big the problem ... there's no problem too big for God to solve, just let it go and let Him take control. That's what God did for me Tuesday night, He took control, He covered me ... He saved me," she said.
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