Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alkaline gets his US visa To perform in New York December

Controversial dancehall artiste Alkaline has received his United States travelling rights and will perform in the United States for the first time in December.

Several of dancehall's most popular artistes are currently without US visas and have been restricted to performing in the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. However Alkaline has escaped the pack and will perform alongside Mavado in New York at Club Amazura on Friday, December 19, 2014.

Alkaline's publicist, Kymona, told The STAR that the artiste picks his associates carefully and aims to stay out of unnecessary trouble. She also says despite the artiste's controversial image, the team was confident that he would have received his visa, because he has travelled to several countries without causing problems.

Mischievous entourage

"We weren't nervous about it. He has been travelling to other countries and we are pleased that the embassy has made it so that we can perform in that region. His fans are pleased and they are eager to see him in the US," Kymona said.

The publicist also disclosed that unlike some artistes who have attracted conflicts with the law due to their sometimes mischievous entourage, Alkaline has managed to control his associates. She says the deejay only associates with positive influences.

"We try to curb or cut down conflicts, so our entourage does not get in trouble with the law. It is about the influence and who you associate yourself with. The artiste is also knowledgeable of what is acceptable or not. So it's not only a management thing, the artiste knows he has a responsibility and that the music business is a job, so there are levels to that we use to deal with people," she said.

Kymona says US-based promoters have been extending several invitations for the artiste to perform. The deejay is also working on a new EP.

Support his family

"Right now we are swamped, we have crazy bookings," she said.

Alliance Next Generation artiste Iyara also received his travelling recently and has already made debut performances in the US.

There are currently 10 popular dancehall artistes without United States Visas. Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta used his performance at 2013's Sting to appeal to the US to provide him with a visa, so that he can work to support his family.

"Anybody wey work a di embassy ... mi want a visa fi mek some money and mek mi youth dem alright. Every artiste deserve a visa; a music wi pree ... mi sey uncle demon, but that was a phase," Tommy Lee Sparta said during his performance.

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