Saturday, November 15, 2014

Demarco Says Alkaline Living In Vybz Kartel’s Image

Why Alkaline is competing with the Artistes. Alkaline must learn that humble calf get the most milk.

Alkaline need to continue do his music and stop praised himself. He must leave his fans to give credits to his work. That my two cents.

According to Urban Islandz Demarco is is not a fan of Alkaline and so does a lot more dancehall artists.The “Puppy Tail” deejay has been beefing with the “Bruk Out” artists for a couple months now. But what started this feud?

Demarco says the feud started from when Alkaline made a statement that only Mavado and I-Octane are the only hot artists in dancehall apart from himself.
“You can’t say that dude, how are you going to say that, like your disrespecting the whole music industry when you say that,” Demarco told Gibbo.
Demarco also said Alkaline is living in Vybz Kartel’s shadow, a sentiment that a lot of dancehall fans also agree with.

“Why are you going to hype when your in someone else image… that is nothing to hype about because your in Vybz Kartel’s image and your not giving him props for it,” Marco said.


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