Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gully Bop being Accuse of Cheating in UK

Gully Bop being accused of cheating on Shauna Chin by his fans and the media. But GULLY BOP
 denied those claims and said that he will never cheat on Shauna Chin.

Gully Bop was accuse of cheating because of this statement and a picture with a lady

 According to star  "The interviewer then asked, "so a just one want a wuk off a yuh since you come \

England?" and Gully Bop responded saying, "Many, but a just one me see weh mi like."

After that video came to the fore on Monday, a picture surfaced later in the day with the deejay

pictured with a woman who had some of her breast exposed."

 Well Shauna Chin is not taking this cheating thing likely. This is what Shauna Chin has to say about

Gully Bop regards to him cheating.

"It get to the point weh mi did pissed off. But knowing weh me and him have, the friendship and the

understanding, but a just so it go. Him call me today and we work it out."

Chin said Gully Bop stressed that he did not mean what he did.

"If him did mean dat, him woulda fool because a me mek him deh weh him deh right now. Me love

him and him love me. Bop nah go figet weh mi do fi him," she said, according to the star

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