Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vybz Kartel house demolished in Havendale today

A demolition exercise carried out yesterday at one of the homes of incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel, located in Havendale, St Andrew, came after an approval by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

THE STAR understands that during the entertainer's murder trial a request was made to the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) for the premises located at 7 Swallowfield Avenue to be destroyed.
When contacted yesterday Kartel's attorney Tom Tavares-Finson told our news team that an approval has now been granted by the KSAC.
He said, "An application was made during the trial to demolish the building ... KSAC has just approved the exercise, hence the demolition..."
THE STAR visited the scene and captured images of workmen using heavy equipment to bulldoze the building.
When our news team contacted the Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU) we were told that checks with the police stations within the division revealed that the police were not aware of the exercise.
Our news team also spoke with the KSAC city engineer Norman Shand.
He said: "I could not give you full details at this moment, it is not something I know about readily offhand."
Our news team heard from residents within the area, that they were pleased with the demolition.
One told THE STAR, "I am happy that the house is destroyed. It was unsightly. We did not have a problem with him living there, but since he left, it has been rundown. The garbage pile up and graffiti were getting out of control."


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