Thursday, January 7, 2016

LA Lewis disses Gully Bop and Defends Shauna Chin

LA LEWIS IS COMEDIAN one minute he is on Gully Bop side and the next minute he is on Shuana Chin side.

This week LA Lewis has now jumped ship and is siding with Shauna Chin; Stating that Gully Bop is a woman beater. Lewis also announced that he has been working on a new song with Shauna Chin entitled “Padlock Him” making  reference to Chin and the incident of her hitting Bop in the head with a Padlock.

Since the announcement of the Padlock song, LA Lewisis claiming that men from Gully Bop‘s camp have been sending death threats and that he should cease and desist from “Calling Gully Bop name” and collaboration with Chin. Lewis has now released a video stating that he is still a “badman” and not because he has done a collaboration with international superstar Adele(spliced) and is on the verge of a Grammy, he can still defend himself and still has his guns.

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