Saturday, September 1, 2012

Christian man says ... Tommy Lee needs prayer

At least one member of the Christian community has declared that he has a problem with dancehall artiste Tommy Lee's song 'Uncle Demon'. According to Wayne Clarke of the Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church, the deejay is in urgent need of some serious prayer.

 "I have to go and do some serious prayer for him and the church needs to pray. I have never seen a man call himself demon upfront but God did dun prophecy that these things gonna happen," Clarke said.
According to Clark, the entire Gaza fraternity is being influenced by demons.

"I would pray for him (Tommy Lee) because he is under some powers like Kartel. God wants Kartel too, and he should repent and turn over totally to God. Gaza is under the influence of demons. A man referring himself as demons can be a serious thing but I can't blame him still because it's prophecy fulfilling," he said.
However, Tommy Lee says Uncle Demon is just a song and he was simply being different from other artistes.

"It just come natural, mi listen to the rhythm and mi get that vibe. A long time mi a sey uncle demon suh mi decide fi put it in a song. The music video was influenced by Michael Jackson's Thriller. (It was) a little bit scary but a lot of work we put into it. Mi just hope the youth dem nuh tek it too far because a nuh mi a di first person fi duh dat. Maybe I am the first in dancehall but not the first in the world. The youth dem watch duppy show all time, at the end of the day mi love the people, and mi just want dem fi can defend dem country," he continued.

"The people dem run wid the song because dem did hungry fi a difference, mi just hope the big people dem understand because the youth dem understand. Mi love di youth dem mi just a duh my ting," he said.
Tommy Lee also said he is not a devil worshipper and mentioned that man is more dangerous to each other than spirits.

"At the end of the day I am not a devil worshipper. Mi believe inna di Creator who make Heaven and Earth. Everybody have dem fault and mi nah pree violence, mi only pree self defence. At the end of the day, nobody a nuh demon, it nuh mean nothing, it just sick. Yuh neva hear sey demon kill nobody and rob nobody suh it betta mi talk bout spirit than man," Tommy Lee said.


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