Sunday, September 23, 2012

Street Pledge - New Kidz, Ding Dong & Baby Chris

Street Pledge - New Kidz, Ding Dong & Baby Chris 
(Kingston,Jamaica) Anthony “New Kidz” Bennett joins forces with dancehall artistes, Ding Dong (Ravers Clavers) and Baby Chris on a dancehall-pop party joint,"Street Pledge". Working out of Truckback Studio, producer Adrian Locke of Lockecity Entertainment adapted the alternative rock band FUN 's 2012's college party anthem "We Are Young" ft Janelle Monae into a Kingston style fraternity vibe, "Street Pledge".With a contagious hook and verses loaded with excitement, New Kidz, Ding Dong (Ravers Clavers) and Baby Chris are sure to keep the "party tun up, 'till sun come up"

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Street Pledge LYRICS:
(Baby Chris)
Going out to the club tonight, don't wait up I will be back home late
Everybody knows our name,
We meet and greet, Walk through the gate.

(Ding Dong)
Tables there are waiting cause that's the life off a star,
I have to send back for my sunglasses,
That I left in the car.

(Baby Chris)
Last time we raved like this was months ago
It’s not easy to forget

(Ding Dong)
But between the shots of Hennessy and flossing on my enemies
I forgot about the drunken pictures on the net.

(New Kidz)
So here tonight, Mi ready fi dem, All eyes on we,
We going all out, All a di crew dem
Mi a call out, check!

Chorus ( New Kidz, Ding Dong& Baby Chris)
When we do road, We have fun
We gonna set these streets on fire
Put up yuh lighter, nuh tek it down
Tonight, We ago do road
We gonna set this place on fire
Put up yuh lighter, Nuh tek it down

(Ding Dong)
We a queng everything in a we way
Dirty pagon come out a we way
We nuh trust so we bar bill pay,
A so we Ravers Clavers stay

(New Kidz)
Bring fun in a di party
Party tun up,
Nuh left di party ‘til sun come up
Gal a wine fi di team and dem gal stand up
Thugz in a di corner
A bad man pull up.

(Ding Dong)
Mi left a party
Fi go another party
Drop off shorty
Pick up another shorty
Dwag a nearly three fourty
Time a fly
And di liquor dem costly

(New Kidz)
Mi a fi reach a di party
Before dem lock off it
Me just get a pin from a gal,
A she me want see.
Nuh waste me suit,
Too clean, too classy,
Bold dem like skillalsh



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