Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Controversial viral song backfires on Tommy Lee?

After a new face proclaiming Sparta membership emerged from out of nowhere with one of the most controversial track titled “Scammer Anthem,” released, the song has been getting heavy criticism from Dancehall fans and even Tommy Lee himself.

 News: Tommy Lee Sparta Shuts Down Scammer Endorsement?
Music: Stamma Gramma – Scammer Anthem

In a recent interview with the recording artiste Stamma Gramma, he explained that he is not related to Tommy Lee, however, they have met telecommunication-ally through website business arrangements.

He also admitted that the song was just for gimmick and it did exactly what he wanted; gained the public’s attention.

Now what? Stamma Gramma claimed he now has the chance to express his true capabilities in the run.
In response to Tommy Lee calling him a imposter, Stamma Gramma commented that Lee is unfair and even stole his beat:

Well #1 i never said to anyone that i was apart of Sparta, i just was using the name extension, just as how Delly and Shabba has the Ranks following their first name. As for the intro to the song, yes that was a publicity stunt.i will apologize for that one. But if Tommy Lee wants to talk the things them, him and his management needs to address them stealing our record label’s riddim for his single entiltled “Dem Nuh Bad” in 2012.

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