Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deva Bratt juggles schooland music

Dancehall artiste Deva Bratt is set to complete his General Educational Development (GED) in the US.

The GED, when passed, certifies that the test-taker has high school-level academic skills.
According to Deva Bratt, he dropped out of school at age 14. However, he wants to achieve a solid education to complement his musical aspirations.

"I want to do my GED, but it's not because I want to do a regular 9-5. It's more where sophistication is concerned because people in the US don't play with education and I believe education can benefit my music. I want to be able to handle my own business affairs," he said.
The founder and former member of Portmore Empire said he was not very focused on education during his formative years. However, he is a wiser man today.
"Further down the line, I want to pursue law so I can handle my own affairs. Lawyers are highly paid, so it would save me cash to do my own contracts. I went to Alpha Boys' School from 1991-1993 and was learning to play drums, but I ended up running away before completing the course of study because I saw a Terror Fabulous video and wanted to be in dancehall videos," the artiste said.
Deva Bratt says he has always wanted to be a college student, but didn't have the necessary backing as a youth.
"Parents should support their children in whatever they want. Some people are born with talent and are not necessarily cut out to be a journalist, lawyer or doctor. Also, children must listen to parents and balance their lives, because parents are not telling you the wrong thing," he added.
The deejay, who is currently promoting a new single called Joy and Pain (Black Spyda Records), also commented on the recent Vybz Kartel guilty verdict via @devabratt on Instagram. "Mi feel a way deep inna mi heart fi yu mi bredda. Stay strong within your mind and don't give up hope, because God nuh give no man more than they can bear - you are one of the greatest artistes to ever spit on a track, and this is a fact," he posted on Instagram.

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