Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tommy Lee Sparta A Security Risk Says Dominican Government

The Dominican government has broken their silence revealing the real reason why Tommy Lee Sparta was banned.

According to the Dominica News Online, the Jamaican Dancehall deejay was denied entry into Dominica yesterday because he was deemed a security risk.

 This decision according to the DNO was taken at a cabinet level. The Dominican government in a statement “pursuant to advice received, government had concerns for public safety. The decision to deny entry was intended as a preemptive action and also to provide an opportunity to exhaust all efforts to clarify information received.”

Tommy Lee Sparta is now in a Dominica hospital due to complications with his motor vehicle accident in Montego Bay, St. James last year.

Music News understands that Tommy Lee Sparta was rushed to hospital today, after suffering from muscle spasms and blood clots to his legs, according to the Dominica News Online.
An attorney representing the Dancehall deejay stated that Tommy Lee Sparta was forced to sleep on the concrete floor while detained at the Marigot Police Station last night after he was denied entry into Dominica, where he was scheduled to perform at a show.
Music News understands that Tommy Lee Sparta is planning to take the matter before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

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