Saturday, July 19, 2014

I-Octane or Mr. Vegas who take Reggae Sumfest 2014 ?( Read more to find Out)

Dancehall star I-Octane was resounding endorsed as dancehall's premier drawing card as the vast majority of the patrons, who turned out for Thursday night's Dancehall Night for Reggae Sumfest 2014, in Montego Bay, waited patiently until daybreak to watch him close the show.

The screams which greeted I-Octane's arrival onstage at 5:42 a.m., all but belied the fact that the patrons were up all night, some expending much energy rooting for other acts likes dancehall general Bounty Killer, a dazzling Aidonia, a resurgent Mr Vegas and the red-hot Spice, who proved just as potent as her male counterparts.

With his trademark hits such as Suffer Too Long, Brace and Bubble, Gal A Gimme Bun, Missing You and Burn Dem Bridge, sending patrons into a frenzy, I-Octane, who also had the enviable distinction of closing the show last year, had no choice but to bask in the adulation of the fans danced and pranced around the stage.

During his set I-Octane not only found the time to praise some of the stalwarts who paved the way for the younger acts but also bashed Mr. Vegas, who he accused of being 'bad minded', among other scandalous allegations.

former protégé

While he was by no means 'cross, angry and miserable', top-flight deejay Bounty Killer was also in a bashing mood. He

did not mince his words in a colourful verbal attack on his former protégé Mavado. The government and the men who allegedly raped a male jogger in Kingston recently, also did not escape his wrath.

However, in between the bashing, Bounty delighted all and sundry with songs like, The Eagle and the Hawk, Stuckie and Caan Believe Me Eye. He also took time-out to give Kalado, an emerging singer in his Alliance camp, a chance to shine on centre-stage.

Spice, arguably the hottest female deejay in Jamaica at this time, made the most profound entry of the night, as a motor cycle transported her to centre stage moments after three Spice look-a-likes had taken the stage, singing her hit song, Jim Screechie, which clearly had some members of the audience confused.

However, as soon as Spice, with microphone in hand, alighted from the motor cycle and took over the song , there was absolutely no question as to who was the real Spice.

The fans were to be treated to more intrigue from Spice as she subsequently threw aside the smashing gold-looking outfit in which she made her entry for a seductive skin-colour tights and later male garbs for her latest hit song, Like a Man.

endorsing him

A mature-sounding Aidonia did his reputation a world of good in an impressive performance, which culminated with him leaving the main stage and climbing several security fences to complete his set on one of the platforms mounted for the video crew. He was clearly in his element.

While steering clear of his more controversial songs, a feisty Alkaline left no doubt that he 'cared zero' about his detractors, including fellow artistes, who have been taking him to task over some of his lyrics. With the girls in the audience clearly endorsing him, the lanky singjay went about his business.

Mr Vegas, who was coming off a decade-long hiatus from the annual festival; and Assassin, who has been a stable act, both demonstrated their pulling power with skilfully crafted sets. Mr. Vegas did not spare any of the hits from his catalogue as not even his white 70s style big heal boot could detract the fans from being his choir.

Also performing well were deejay Ninja Man, Busy Signal, Popcaan, Kalado, Loyal Flames, Gage, Bugle and the energetic Tifa.

Source: The Star

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