Sunday, April 24, 2016

A’mari Crying After Gully Bop Allowed Her To Get Beat Up

A very upset A’Mari has created quite a controversy online with her latest video uploaded showing her crying and explaining that Gully Bopallowed her to allegedly get “beat up” by a radio personality in the United States.

According to the video uploaded by the “cheated” artiste A’Mari, she explained that Gully Bop sat and allowed her to get mistreated by United States radio personality DJ Rapid at a recent interview.

A very sincere sounding Bop tried to console his girlfriend while she cried and explain her traumatic experience and her disappointment in her “man” for his failure to come running to her rescue.

In a follow up video uploaded by Gully Bop, he explains that A’Mari and DJ Rapid had an ongoing relationship which he recently discovered.

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