Friday, April 8, 2016

Woman claims Yanique Barrett dating Usain Bolt.

Since the start of the Yanique/Miss Kitty saga, there has been countless news sourcing emerging to give their take on this issue. This one claims to speak about Yanique “Curvy Diva” Barrett and fastest man alive, Usain Bolt.

well well dis b*tch, draw close and grab yuh tea and 2 tough crackers. me know when mi chat dis she going know the source yes yuh stupid bitch Yanique yuh ex-bestfriend a chat yuh business. Woaiiiiiii mi body Straight Facts Yanique, Usain Bolt and di LA man Everybody a talk how she a tek Usain and Kasi B must be careful, well she been a F**k Usain from dem 23, wayyyyyy before Kasi B. At one point she did think she pregnant due to how dem nuh use condom.

Anyhow, she lef Bolt and guh back to her baby Daddy Della and him propose. Goodie nuh duh nuttn more than lef her fiance after 5 years and deh back wid Bolt. So that’s why Bolt spen up the money pan ar cause dem done did love out from dem young. Anyways not my business keep it moving, now dis LA man , she fool but nuh suh after Usain gi ar over 3 million (Fact, ask her ex-manager Cortia cause a she chat) and a look after she and ar pickney yuh think she aguh lef him fi dis man wid 10 pickney. Vicky (Posh by V) a big clown, fi stay wid dis sketel man weh nuh stop stress ar. Mi know fi a FACT Yanique is with a Spanish man. She had him all over ar instagram an a him pay fi di breast. She delete 1 video weh show all a him face but the other videos show him a teach her Spanish and she a dance up in a di Range Rover wid him. Plus she all up inna him Penthouse wid him fi Valentines. Di gyal p*ssy gone international.

This is not a property of ultimate Jamaica website and we are no way associated with the claims made in the above article.

Source: Jamaica matey


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