Monday, May 22, 2017

Bounty Killer don`t want Ishawna to PERFORM EQUAL RIGHTS SONG at the same event.

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According to the Jamaican Star :

Bounty threatens to 'rush' Ishawna Deejay insists singer can't perform 'Equal Rights' at upcoming show

I thought this was a free country, so anyone can perform a song of her choice. Ishawna be on your guard don`t take Bounty Killer threat lightly.

I don`t really support her song equal rights but give her chance to do her thing and to be a big star like you.

This is what start the feud .The Errol Flynn Marina in Portland is expected to heat up on Labour Day at the B.F.F Bikini Fish Floss stage show. This, after a post made by Bounty Killer stirred up a feud between his fans and fans of controversial female deejay Ishawna.

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