Monday, May 15, 2017

Ishawna fight for Oral Sex Equal rights in Jamaica.

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Ishawna fights for Oral Sex equality in Jamaica with her new song "Equal Rights".
Ishawna is not afraid to unleash her freaky side in her new song "Equal rights".

In her song she says if a man want oral sex he must do it to her first and then she will do it to him.
I think some of the Jamaican people will not be happy with song , because some Jamaican people are always against oral sex.

Here are some of the Lyrics from her "Equal Rights Song" below

I just got started
Wha' you think one round can do?
Bumper to your forehead
Show me wha' your tongue can do
If you no have it inna waist
You better have it inna face
Bright enough fi a look gyal fi shine you
And you no waan taste?

You have a clean mouth and your lips dem sexy
Treat me like a bottle a Pepsi
Your back nah no use and your face look cute
Deal with me like a bag juice
Me say, equal rights and justice
Nuff ignorant people a go cuss this
Me pussy tight, cut up your cocky like cutlass
But if you waan head, my youth, you haffi suck this

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