Friday, November 2, 2012

Laing Says No To Ninja Man For Sting But Bounty Killa Contracted year 2012

Sting promoter Isaiah Laing is setting the record straight following reports that Bounty Killa and Ninja Man have refused to do the annual stageshow.
Veteran dancehall deejay Ninja Man, who is always billed for the event once he’s not locked up, was reportedly never billed for the 2012 staging of Sting. Laing explains.

Meanwhile, Bounty Killer has made it public via Twitter that he will not be doing the popular Boxing Day show this year due to comments that were made by Sting's promoter on a recent television interview.
Isaiah Laing reveals that the dancehall deejay is contracted to work at the annual event.

 Sting 2012 is set to take place on December 26.

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