Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bounty Killa Was Booed At Chug It 2012

Bounty Killa was booed and sand thrown at him during his performance at Rum Bar Chung It, weeks after Tommy Lee Sparta was booed at the said event for dissing Killa.

 So was this a setup by fans of Tommy Lee Sparta?
Well, the booing started for Bounty after he dissed Tommy Lee Sparta. Some patrons also filled cups of sand and hurled them at the War Lord.

Bounty Killa on the other hand didn’t hesitate to argue with the patrons who were throwing sand and booing. The police approached the dancehall deejay for using expletives and they too got a lashing from the Killa who demanded that the lawmen find the perpetrators.
Nonetheless, it ended well for Bounty Killa who delved into his mass catalogue delivering hits after hits before he exited the stage.

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