Friday, December 28, 2012

British girl says.she DUMPED USAIN BOLT in 2012


A British newspaper is reporting that a 22-year-old British office accounts worker is claiming that she
recently ended a relationship with Jamaican track star Usain Bolt.

Megan Edwards, who is reported to have been in a relationship with Bolt since the London Olympic Games, told the Internet publication,, that she ended the union since the track athlete resides too far away.

According to the article, she ended the relationship with the world's fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family.

globetrotting lifestyle

Edwards is quoted as saying that she decided that the 4,600 miles between her and the sprinter was too much to handle and that she would not have been able to measure up to his globetrotting lifestyle.

The article reports that Bolt, 26, was devastated at the split and begged her to change her mind.

Edwards is quoted as saying, "In the end, I had to let my head rule my heart. It was amazing out there, but that's when I decided it couldn't go on. He was talking about having to fly here and there and I was going back to my office job," she said.

She continued, "So when I got home, I rang him and told him it wasn't going to work. I said the distance thing and not being able to see him often enough was a problem for me. He was very upset and said don't do it, what can I do? I told him there is nothing you can do. You are who you are."

Edwards, who also runs for Dartford Harriers Club in Kent, caught the eye of the 100m world record holder when she had been chosen to model Jamaica's team kit for the Olympic Games and appeared on the catwalk alongside him.

The article further reports that since then, numbers were exchanged and text messages sent before they went on a string of romantic dates.

She is also reported to have told her friend that, "I did occasionally think about being Mrs. Bolt and living in Jamaica with lots of little Bolts. My feelings were pretty strong for him, strong enough that I wanted to go to Jamaica," said Edwards.

Bolt, who flew Edwards first class to Jamaica, took her to meet friends and family and made several outings to restaurants and to the University of the West Indies where he trains.

"We went out to restaurants - well, more like shacks - but it's what they have in Jamaica. We would go out at 1 or 2 a.m. to nightclubs and we danced to reggae until 6 a.m., drinking lemonade and cranberry juice to keep cool," Edwards is quoted as saying.


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