Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Devina Burn pregnant for Kid Kurupt?

Following a very public Twitter dispute between Kid Kurupt and young singer Devina Burn and allegations of carnal abuse last year, the two have seemingly mended their relationship and the singer is expecting a child for the deejay.

In May last year, there was much publicity about the two as it was alleged that Kid Kurupt had been involved with Devina Burn since she was 14 years old, a claim he denied. In addition to the allegations, semi-nude pictures of Burn were posted from Kid Kurupt's Twitter account. He also denied posting the pictures, claiming that his page was hacked.
Both were also ranting heavily on Twitter and fellow users of the social networking website weighed in. Burn, who was 17 years old at the time, also claimed that she was influenced by someone to report Kurupt to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), but made a mistake by doing so because they were just friends.
very special

Months later, and even a song together, Burn is expecting a child with Kid Kurupt. This revelation was made late Sunday night when she posted a picture of her stomach on Twitter and Instagram.
"8th July, 2013 It's my birthday. NYC. And it's just me and my little boy. His daddy just called and made my earth strong very special. #twogreatgifts #TheRodneys #NYC #NewBornLove," said the singer who turned 19.

In a previous post on Twitter the same night, she also said, "It's my birthday:) and I have the best gifts ever :) My soon to be new born child and a very supportive and caring father to be. @DUTTYMUCKS"

But when contacted on Monday, Burn said she did not want to do a story about her pregnancy.
"I'm not interested ... just not really interested in you making a story of my pregnancy," she said.
Meanwhile, when THE STAR spoke with the two artistes in November, they were promoting a song they did together called You And Me. Burn, who collaborated with Macka Diamond for a song called You Like It on the popular 'Overpoof' rhythm, was scheduled to do promotional work in New York, while Kurupt had a European tour lined up.

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