Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't gag dancehall Music

I read Ian Boyne's article 'Punish deejays for gangsta lyrics' in The Sunday Gleaner dated July 7, 2013, and I disagree with his stance.

I am not a supporter of hardcore music which glorifies dons and gangs, but I believe that if someone spends his money to make a record, afford him that right.

I would never patronise such an artiste, but others would. Allow a man to express himself while earning honest bread for himself and his family. After all, many times the artiste speaks of his own experiences or what he or she sees around them.

The solution would be the screening of all dancehall music entering the public sphere. Punish those who allow the music (deemed inappropriate for public hearing) to enter the public sphere (which includes taxis, buses and disc jockeys).

The gagging of singers will result in a music underworld. The same will happen to dancehall.
Hardcore dancehall music, including gangster lyrics, is being accepted worldwide. Why can't we accept it ourselves? After all, no one is forced to listen.

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