Thursday, January 22, 2015

This is what Sizzla say to Gage and Alkaline.

"Me find out say nuff tings a gwaan inna Jamaica and a unuh, the fans, a support it. Unuh as selectors, me nuh want hear no Throat," Sizzla said in reference to the song from Gage. He further stated; "You see Alkaline and di whole a unuh weh a try pollute this, unuh need fi sing some other lyrics. A unuh madda unuh a dis round yah. Me nuh care a which selector or which sound. Me a bad man and unuh ... caan do me nutten." source The Star

 This is what  I  have to say Dancehall Leon. "Still Gage you must  leave off the oral sex songs. Gage and Alkaline stop corrupts the youths to use the women them for oral sex. The Almighty God never intend sex between man and women to be unnatural".    Share you views.

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