Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vybz Kartel Celebrates His 39 Birthday Today In Prison

The greatest DJ and artiste Jamaica ever have is Vybz Kartel. Up to the Time. January 7, 1976 (age 39).How things look he may have to celebrate many more birthday in prison.
According to Urban Islandz Vybz Kartel expect his family Shorty and children to visit him

Comments are from loopjamaica
  • Cleveland The best ever artist Jamaica ever see big kartel
    2015-01-07 19:54:00 | Reply
  • Million9 if vbyz kartel is a criminal wat would we call the politicians of jamaica dem build criminal
    2015-01-07 19:45:31 | Reply
  • walter What a bunch of guttural hogwash. A man who is clearly dysfunctional who has given cause for young uneducated easily influenced minds to shoot and kill each other cannot be called anything else but criminal
    2015-01-07 17:48:24 | Reply
  • khalid Now vybz kartel we should start thinking to put nominate you on the icon legendary scale .......and I hope God forbid them don't wait till u dead to give you your stripe
    2015-01-07 17:30:41 | Reply
  • gaza world boss fi me addi bonton from rah rah days
    2015-01-07 12:55:45 | Reply
  • Shana Real dancehall icon.. Up up an stay way up d man a d greatest dancehall ever see not even inna history love vybz kartel to worl a blessings we say mi bosd
    2015-01-07 11:55:48 | Reply
  • Kadian Vybz cartel the real Dancehall legend

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