Friday, May 15, 2015

Joe Bogdanovich finally speak about his wife Toya and their son after her Passing

 According to LoopJamaica  A week after the death of his wife Toya, popular businessman and CEO of Downsound Records Joe Bogdanovich said their son has taken her passing “very well.”

In an interview with Zip 103 FM, Bogdanovich explained that 6-year-old Joey has displayed heartwarming courage in the aftermath of his mom’s untimely passing.
“He’s doing very well actually. It’s funny how little ones are so uncomplicated and can ask you really direct rational questions,” he said.
Bogdanovich added that Joey asked him, “So are you gonna be the mommy and daddy now?” – to which he answered “Yep! It’s just you and me kid.”
He reportedly assured young Joey that they have a long way to go, and they’ll be great.
In the interview, Bogdanovich shed more light on why Toya, whose given name was Latoya Jackson, had her illness kept under wraps up to her death – because he wanted to remain positive about the situation.

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