Monday, May 18, 2015

World fastest man Usain Bolt Says He Is ‘Close’ To Having A Girlfriend

World and Olympic 100 and 200m champion Usain Bolt seems to be close to having a serious relationship.In an online interview with Jamaica Olympics posted Sunday, Bolt said: “I’m close to having a girlfriend now, so I live responsibly by myself in Kingston”.

Bolt had long lived in a bachelor pad with his best friend and executive manager, Nugent Walker Jr (NJ). There were reports that the Olympic champion had been involved in relationships after photos of himself and females were circulated on the web, but he never confirmed that he was dating.
In the article, the athlete, who is from a strong family background, spoke highly of his mother, while making reference to going back home and having her pamper him.
“Last time I was home my mum clipped my toenails for me! You’re never too old or famous for that,” he said.

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