Friday, March 29, 2013

Dancehall Icons Compete for Mighty Crown

"It was a historical moment performing on Mighty Crown with the legendary Brigadier Jerry," says Johnny Osbourne. "This performance brought me back to the good old days....Big up to Mighty Crown for respecting Foundation artists!"
"I had a blast! The crowd gave us such an overwhelming welcome with whistles, yells and was a sight to see," says Brigadier Jerry enthusiatically. "It's been a good while since Johnny Osbourne and I have worked together and he performed wonderfully. We did a combination that was even more wicked than a solo performance....this event was really, really nice and I am ready to do it again!"

These two purveyors tore the place down perforning live dubplates. Can you say wicked? The moment was monumental as the two artists vyed for the crowd's attention, delivering a flawless exchange of lyrics and vocals. Osbourne belted dubplate style versions of his hits while Brigadier Jerry leveled the crowd with his unique lyrical flow. Mighty Crown certainly moved heads with this feat, bringing the rare combination of these powerhouse acts to Toronto. Let's just say, this epic performance sealed the deal for Mighty Crown as leaders in the sound system arena.

One of Mighty Crown's goals on the "Driving Force Tour" is to show fans that through all the success and ventures, music is the is their DRIVING FORCE. What a great way of celebrating their ode and passion for music with the delivery of music legends Brigadier Jerry and Johnny Osbourne! Mighty Crown's explosive Toronto performance recaptures the essence and deep connection of sound systems and artists. Think of it as a history lesson for the new generation of dancehall fans in attendance, as before actual dubplates these took the form of live and unique performances by artists on sound systems. See Mighty Crown on their highly acclaimed "Driving Force Tour." Check out their complete schedule HERE:

PHOTO CREDIT: Natasha Von Castle

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