Friday, March 8, 2013

Stylez Feat Jr Pinchers, Ding Dong Rave All Night

Let’s RAVE ALL NIGHT, with new INTERNATIONAL Single Stylez ft Ding Dong & Jr Pinchers

(March 5th, 2013) Armed with his signature style of Pop-Tois (a melting of Dancehall & Pop), US based artist, Stylez unleashes his latest single “Rave All Night”, featuring the master of all “ravers” Ding Dong, alongside party artist Jr Pinchers.
From LA to Miami, Kingston to Buenos Aires, Paris to Tokyo, the pulsating new single begs listeners to let their party animals run free and enjoy the vibes. Produced by Stylez and co-producer Blahzae, one would never expect this fresh party anthem was inspired by Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. Stylez explains his inspiration for the song amusingly “It’s weird, who’d expect Bob Marley to foster a raving song but it did. Listening to it (“Three Little Birds”), I was jamming, enjoying the mellow vibes. I went into the studio, vibing off the song, and hours later, the beat, and the song came together”.

While “Rave All Night” will be included on Stylez upcoming EP, “Stylez And Hiz 6ix Diciplez”, and production was executed swiftly, the progress of the track seemed at standstill for a moment. “After laying it out, I knew that Ding Dong had to be on it.” Stylez remarks and further explaining it wasn’t the easiest trying to reach out to the popular Jamaican entertainer. “I reached out to a lot of contacts to get a link on Ding Dong, and just couldn’t manage it, but you know what happened? He tweeted and I caught it. I sent it to him and he agreed it was only right. You just can’t rave without Ding Dong.” After securing Ding Dong’s addition to the single, Stylez reached musical parry Jr Pinchers (son of legendary artist Pinchers), who contributed with his energetic flow as well.

Ding Dong likens “Rave All Night” to “mad party vibes” which coins the song correctly. As “Rave All Night” is introduced to your speakers, it overwhelms your body to start moving, dancing, fist pumping, head nodding or whatever you style of musical interpretation is. “Rave All Night” follows up to Stylez recent delectable releases “Good Ole A Dweet” and “She Katch It”, both gaining increasing popularity local and internationally.

Further solidifying Stylez and his “Pop-Tois” as a new force to be reckoned with, he just finished a series of performances with Dancehall superstar Elephant Man (making a cameo in his new “Harlem Shake” video), as well as opening for legends like Beenie Man, Sean Paul and Mr. Vegas. Stylez relentlessly works to establish himself on a global level, taking the heartbeat of his Dancehall culture intertwining with the marketing force of Pop music.

So join Ding Dong, Jr Pinchers and Stylez as they “Rave All Night”.

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