Wednesday, March 13, 2013

its the Talk of the Town.Brand New Reggae/Dancehall Chune Fresh Out of Jamaica...FREE Download Available so Download Now Show Details From NewDancehall Chune Marketing and Promotion

its the Talk of the Town. its Buzzzing Everywere From the CARIBBEAN to the UK,USA,CANADA,JAPAN,AFRICA etc...


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Download Logo and Link
its Buzzzing Up Every Radio Stations/Charts WorldWide right now
"Break Up by Kalcium"-Hype Vibez Production it as Been Selected as Number 1/Song of the Week on Various Charts in Jamaica,in the UK,USA,CANADA,JAPAN,AFRICA etc...
Break Up by Kalcium-Artwork
Kalcium live in Hollywood Florida (1)
"Kalcium" Performing in Hollywood Florida
Kalcium live in South beach Miami (1)
"Kalcium" Performing in South Beach Miami
Ronn Muschette and Kalcium @ irie FM in Jamaica
"Kalcium" interview with Ronn Muschette at irie Fm in Jamaica
To Book International Reggae/RDancehall Artist "Kalcium" for anyone of your event Contact info Below
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