Saturday, March 16, 2013


His popularity is steadily increasing and if anything to go by, the Alliance Next Generation artist is sure to be the next sensation from Bounty Killer's camp.
Kalado now has the most requested song in St. Lucia and even has another song on the Trace FM charts, but, it is his song titled "Make Me Feel" that is causing a whirlwind in that country. The song has been getting heavy rotation on all the major radio stations and at every party location across the island. After speaking to a few music industry insiders in St. Lucia it is evident that Kalado has gain rapid momentum since the outburst of this single and he now also has a song titled "Whole Night" on the Trace FM charts which spans Guadeloupe/French Guyane/Martinique. His music videos "Sad Streets", "Whole Night", "When She Wine/Tear Mi" ft. Bounty Killer and his newest release yet "Her Struggles" are now in rotation on Tempo TV, which must be a big boost for the artist as Tempo airs in North, South, Central America, Germany and the Caribbean.
The "Make Me Feel" song is produced by Dre Day Productions and video by Xxtreme Arts/Cashlow, the video has now amassed over 100,000 views andsurging rapidly. Jamaica's top disc jocs are giving the song tremendous support on the radio airwaves, parties, street dances etc. the song is now a favorite for party goers especially the females. The song has reached as far as Russia, as there is a youtube video made by Russian dancers and entertainment personnels depicting their love and supprot for the song .
Kalado is expected to embark on his first stint in St. Lucia for a short upcoming tour during the latter part of April. He is to be the main headliner for a the Hush Entertainment staged events from April 24th to 29th, 2013, but he will be accompanied by his ANG stablemate Prince Pin. The artist is expected to perform on March 31, 2013 at Prince Pin "Sav Anthem Launch", April 12th at Coconut Grove, Westmoreland, May 31st in Montego Bay for Bosses In Black and a few more dates that are currently being negotiated.
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