Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bounty Killer booed in May 2014

It seems the feud between the Mavado-led 'Gully' and the Bounty Killer-led 'Alliance' has escalated even further with a scuffle between the two camps at an event in Olympic Way, St Andrew, on Thursday night.

In recent times Mavado and his former mentor Bounty Killer have been at odds, even voicing dis songs aimed at each other.

But on Thursday night at All Stars Thursdays at Olympic Way, the beef got to a near violent level when 'Gully' deejay 3 Star was onstage at the event.

"Mi deh deh and 3 Star a perform and Iyara a walk up pon him and 3 Star entourage back him off and seh him haffi wait till 3 Star done," a source who wished to remain anonymous told THE STAR.
"Likkle tussle gwaan wid the entourage then Bounty come on and dis 3 Star and the crowd get involved and boo him (Bounty). Dung deh ram... The thing was so beautiful and dem mash up the people dem ting."

When contacted Iyara admitted there was a tussle, but said it did not turn into a physical confrontation.

"It wasn't nothing really physical. There is a lyrical battle going on wid me and 3 Star and him a perform on the rhythm and me decide fi go on the stage," Iyara said.
"Him have couple rugrats and wi haffi move dem out of the way. But is like the artiste get scared inna him place. We deh a your home town so why you scared at your place? There was nothing physical... likkle pushing gwaan yes, but is when we a push dem out the way to get on the stage."
When asked if he fears that the the feud could get to the violent level that the Gully/Gaza feud reached a few years ago, Iyara said he has nothing to fear.
"I have nothing to fear, is not like I am looking for any violence. I am just defending my camp because you know Iyara is the firer. Killer a mi general and regardless, mi nah lef mi don no weh. 3 Star a defend him camp same way, but him nuh fi run when dem see we," Iyara told THE STAR.
Gully's 3 Star was not available for a comment

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