Saturday, May 10, 2014

DJ Alkaline denies being beaten at stage show

The management team of dancehall artiste Alkaline are refuting online rumours that the entertainer was beaten at a show in Montego Bay recently.

Allegations are that the artiste 'disrespected' an older recording artiste who was slated to perform before him, but became boisterous when the older artiste stayed on stage too long, and so he attempted to leave.

It was reported that when Alkaline attempted to leave, a group of men allegedly approached the entertainer, trapping him between them and rained several blows on him.

Alkaline's manager, Kereena Beckford, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she has heard of the rumours, but stated that it is false.

"That's false, nothing like that happened, he wasn't even in Montego Bay at the time. It (the incident) did not take place," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was unable to ascertain the name of the event where the alleged altercation took place or the identity of the older recording artiste who was allegedly present at the event.

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