Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ricky Trooper cuss Bounty Killer

Veteran sound system selector Ricky Trooper has released scathing remarks against leader of the Alliance, Bounty Killer.

According to Ricky Trooper, in a recent interview, Bounty Killer made disparaging comments about his character, labelling him as a 'sell out'.

"Mi nuh trouble Killa. All a dis a come from a prank call that was circulated last year with me stating that I will play music for everybody, regardless of dem sexuality. Mi go pon On Stage and clear up di issue and Bounty Killer still a live pon me name. Bounty Killer look like him want me stay like him and cuss everybody and den stuck a Jamaica," Trooper said.
He added that Bounty Killer, should instead focus on fixing his own life, before calling out other celebrities.
"Killa mash up nuff people career. Him put a stigma pon Lexxus, Vegas, Mavado and now me. Mi a di wrong person fi Killa chuck pon. Mi nuh fraid a him. Leave me alone Bounty Killer. If you were such a great artiste, how come yuh nah fly? Mi go pon more tour than Killa, a swear."
To drive home his point, Trooper then sent out a broadcast, accusing Bounty Killer of 'bad minding' his fellow artistes for their houses and cars.

"Killa yuh ole inna di bizniz, you nuh have no buss a buss back. You time expire suh low the yutes dem mek dem eat a food. You get your run and yuh nuh do nutten wid it. Him nuh own no house pon the hill. Killa you and me deh pon the same level. You live pon the flat just like me so go fix yuh life and low people," the broadcast read.
The selector told THE STAR that Bounty Killer was in no position to judge anyone, since he too is guilty of taboo practices.

"A music mi play and mi play fi everybody. Anybody whe waan see me play music can come. A dat mi do for a living. Killa want we stay like him and cuss people and den caan fly out. Him a cuss people bout dem life and him same one a live dirty life. Di woman dem a road a talk bout him," Trooper said.

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