Thursday, May 8, 2014

NY street artist defends kartel 'Gaza murals' - Laments at police's removal of paintings

Renowned New York street artist Avone has lashed out against the recent actions of law enforcers to remove carried 'Gaza' paintings and murals in the community of Waterford, Portmore.

The STAR stumbled upon a YouTube video posted by Jamaican Blogz, where Avone lamented his disgust at the removal of paintings and murals on the Gaza, including those of self-proclaimed 'Worl' Boss' Vybz Kartel.

In the video, the internationally acclaimed street artiste said the action of the police officers represent dictatorship and the removal of the voice of the poor.

The artist expressed that while the law enforcers may believe they are erasing Kartel's images and ultimately his influence on the community, they are only erasing the voice of the people.
He went on further to say that if the members of the community decide to repaint the murals, he would support the initiative. "I'm definitely in support of rebuilding it because I understand the feeling of getting my voice restricted," he said.
The interviewer in the video can be heard asking Avone about his ties to Jamaica and the Kartel case, to which he said there was no direct relationship, but his partner has strong ties to the country.
He also said he could relate to the culture because of the Brooklyn community he grew up in, which he described as being predominantly Jamaican.
He also made mention of L.A. Lewis, stating that he associates the name with graffiti art and would collaborate with Lewis and the youth in Waterford if the opportunity arises.
After being released from prison for erecting illegal paintings, Avone has gone on to work with Michael Jordon, ESPN and HBO.
Last Friday, the police carried out an operation in and around the Waterford community in Portmore where the murals and all Gaza-related graffiti were removed. The law enforcers insisted that the move was not to target the Gaza, as all paintings promoting negativity world also be removed.

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