Monday, August 4, 2014

Female Teacher, 43, arrested after being caught sitting on 15-year-old student’s lap in classroom

Students told authorities that they saw a teacher being spanked by a 15-year-old student. 
The teacher was also seen sitting on the student’s lap, while the two acted too friendly.

When officials confronted the student, he admitted that his teacher performed oral sex on him. The student said that he knew the teacher since the sixth grade. 

Corrie Anne Long, 43, of Texas, was arrested. Now, the middle school teacher faces felony charges for allegedly having an ongoing sexual relationship with her 15-year-old male students.

The school, which is located in a suburb of Houston, released a statement saying that the teacher has been removed from her position at the school as soon as the allegations against her were made.

Long was placed on administrative leave and is not permitted on campus while authorities are investigating the accusations. Her bail was set at $30,000.


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