Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ragga: Sort Out Mek she fall in love

Bunna Gyal Tun Clowny
Raga, I started out in a relationship with a man. At the time, he was married and he also had a long term pon-di-side woman that everybody knew bout. When things first started out, it was a fling because he was a nice person, until I eventually fell in love with him. Raga mi tun fool! It get to the point when him did miserable and him did want to go on a holiday and he didn't have enough money.

The purpose of the holiday was to visit his sick mother. Raga mi no do nothing more than go book all-inclusive holiday fi him and him pon-di-side woman and two pickney dem and give them spending money! Raga mi send over J$400,000 pocket money go give dem and when him come back, a pure attitude, until mi give him bun and him decided him not repaying me because mi violate.
Raga, mi also help him buy a car fi himself because him decide fi give di pon-di-side woman his car so she could drive the kids to school. I also helped him to open a business in Jamaica. Raga I could just beat up mi damn self, because I can see why I was so stupid. That was four years ago all now mi no get a red cent from him. Every time mi ask him bout mi money, him say him never hold gun a mi head and tek it. Love can make you do crazy things.

Sort Out Tun Up, Now She In Love
Mi say Raga, mi neva know say mi woulda fall in love at di age of 33. All my life a me left man. Now mi live a England fi bout 13 yrs. Mi love mi ghetto hardcore man dem. Dun know mi a born Kingstonian and know di badness. Buck dis youth yah know him live wid him catty an ting. Raga, me an him cyah gree, but di sort out tun up! Yu eva meet yuh match? Jah know, Raga mi cyah sleep! Mi all did wha walk go a him yard fi look fi him, but mi neva do it still, cah mi nuh wah lose mi stripe fi people man. But Raga mi head a hat mi, mi cyah sleep nor eat. But a yu an ur show help mi still. FALL IN LOVE WID PEOPLE MAN NUH EASY! Mi name ——- —— an a him name mi so nuh say mi name plz, but share di story. More to it but mi nuh wha draw out di ting.

Matey Get Lonely
Raga, mi ena one relationship wid a man weh live a yard wid him oman but di man gi mi wat eva mi want and him nuh wah mi deal or talk to nuh otha man, suh yo tink dat RIGHT? Cah some time mi get lonely and wah smaddy fi wrap up wid a night time and mi nah get dat from him.
Yuh haffi know how fi run yuh ting. You deh a farin an him deh a Jamaica. If yuh a goh get a 'Fun Friend', also called a 'Fun Buddy', den govan yuh ting in a way weh him nuh know. Jus mek sure yuh bun wid respek since him a treat yuh good.

Wifey Sort Out Di Bunna Girl
Raga, I have a female friend who is madly in love with this guy. They both were sexually active for almost a year. She then discovered that he had another girl he used to check on the side. One day, my friend buck the girl a one bank with the guy she a sex. She approached them and start rub up pon him and bere tings. Long story short, she end up a sex the girl.
Hol on deh, she end up a sex di girl??!! Puppa Jeezas! She find out say har man a sex anneda woman an she end up a draw fid a woman deh an staat saaka-saaka har?? Woooiiieee!! Mi cyaan manij enuh. Yuh need fi gimmi some more details.
Awright peeps. A leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu mixup dem at See unu nex Thursday.


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