Saturday, August 16, 2014


Trey Songz

Jamaica seems to be the hot vacation spot for international celebrities, as Ray J is reportedly in the island and Trey Songz recently spent his vacation here. On Wednesday, Ray J posted a picture on Instagram of some persons boarding an aircraft with a caption that said "Jamaica #HappyBirthDay @mzprincesslove #jamaica"

Following that post, Ray J posted several videos, pictures of a beach, sections of where he stayed and a man selling bunches of guinep.

His girlfriend, Princess Love, also posted pictures of her stay in Jamaica. In one of the pictures of herself and Ray J, she wrote, "Best birthday ever. Thank you baby, you're the best #Jamaica."
There were also pictures of the couple buying jerk chicken, another with Ray J on a yacht with a Jamaican flag in the background and another picture with them at Margaritaville on Thursday night.
However, neither party mentioned where in the country they are staying or how long their vacation will be.

Last weekend, Trey Songz was also in Jamaica. On Monday, he posted a picture of himself on a yacht on Instagram page with the caption, "My Grumma would say "You look like you been having yoself a good ol time baby!!"

On August 5, he also posted a picture stating that he was in Ocho Rios, as well as a video of him drinking a Red Stripe Light.

"Vibes... bad man ting yeah. Jamaica wad up? Went to sleep in Toronto, woke up in Jamaica. The life," Trey Songz said in the video, sipping and smiling.
David 'Squeeze' Annakie, owner of Fiction Nightclub, also posted several pictures and videos of Trey Songz giving an impromptu performance at his party spot last weekend.
But Ray J and Trey Songz are not the only celebrities to vacation in the island in recent times, as in June Katy Perry spent time in Portland and even attended dancer Mystic's OptiMystic Dance Class, that is held at Robert's Fitness Centre, The Royal Mall in Port Antonio.Send and receive money online with Payza
Source: Jamaica Star

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