Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ikon d Link suicide threat upsets ZJ Liquid (Photo)

After being pressured into playing a song by an aspiring dancehall artiste who threatened to commit suicide if his song was not played by him, disc jockey ZJ Liquid has made it clear that he will not be playing the song in its present format again.

Liquid told THE STAR, "No! I will not be playing it again, maybe if him do it over and do it properly, I might consider doing it."

Twenty-four-year-old aspiring dancehall artiste Jyquan O'brian, who goes by the moniker Ikon d Link, stunned the nation yesterday evening, when he climbed an extremely tall ZIP FM transmission pole and threatened to jump if ZJ Liquid did not play his song.
According to reports, Ikon visited the radio station to speak with Liquid, but was told he could not as the disc jock was already on air. He was denied entry but in defiance, the artiste sneaked past security and climbed the station's pole, threatening to take his life if his song was not played.
willing to die for

The song the artiste was willing to die for is appropriately titled, Stress.
Liquid told THE STAR that when he was told of Ikon's daring stunt, he initially thought that it was a hoax.
"One of my co-workers say a guy climb the tower and seh him waa me play him song, and if me nuh do it him ago jump. At first I didn't believe, then I look through the window and saw the crowd looking up," he said.
He said shortly after he went to visit the man, while the police and fire personnel attempted to remove him from the tower.

"I went outside and spoke to him while he was up there and he was saying to me 'mi rate you, yaa me DJ, me waa you play me song cause me a suffer and me youth dem hungry,' he had a CD and he dropped it to me and I decided to listen it," Liquid said.
Liquid was brutally honest with his opinion of the song.
"It never really mek it, honestly. It wasn't the best song. If he came with it under different circumstances, I would tell him to work on it. After listening, we eventually decided to play it since it didn't have any bad words and he had his radio and cell phone up there listening," he said.
The DJ played the song twice during his 'Throw Back Tuesdays' set.
For those aspiring artistes who are contemplating following in Ikon's footstep, Liquid stated, "a stunt like that will never work again, unuh kyah trick we fi play eediot song. We have to have standards and rules and we have a brand to uphold."
He added, "young artistes, just do good songs and come approach us the right way. You don't have to do things like that."

After being appeased, Ikon was willingly removed from the pole and allegedly taken into police custody. THE STAR contacted Head of St Andrew Central, SSP Fitz Bailey, and he stated, "Ikon should be in police custody, but I am not sure."
 source: Jamaican Star
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