Friday, June 19, 2015

Chronixx says blacks "looking for justice in the wrong places, from the wrong people"

According Loop Jamaica website.
Jamaican reggae artiste Chronixx fueled a debate on race and religion on social media Thursday when he appeared to suggest that blacks are lost in their pursuit of justice.

"Will the white God save you from white man oppression?" Chronixx wrote on Instagram, quoting a line from Sizzla's popular song No White God.
"We looking for justice in the wrong places, from the wrong people. May our people experience that perfect comfort of the most righteous and eternal mother and father of creation in our times of sorrow., the artiste added.

He also shared an image of what appears to be a black man preaching in a church to a black congregation. In the background is an image of Jesus in his classic depicton - a bearded white man.

Chronixx's post was made in the aftermath of Wednesday's Charleston church shooting. Nine African-Americans were killed when a white male opened fire on them during a Bible study at a historic black church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Many of the artiste's followers on the social media network supported his sentiments.

"Real dyam talk... Mek den gwann talk I can only see God in MY image suh all who wah talk bout this an dat a cause dem a suffer from inferior complex. Them nuh think then lineage worthy of such greatness," said a Shiloh736.

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